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  • Description Of Personality Type From The Personality Assessment

    Description of ENFJ personality type: My personality type from the personality assessment is ENFJ. ENFJ is one of the 16 personality type identified by Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality. ENFJ is described as: Extravert (44%) iNtuitive (25%) Feeling (25%) Judging (47%) You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (44%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (25%) You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (25%) You

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  • Personality Testing And Personality Tests

    Personality tests are important in the workplace, because it helps managers understand people better and it helps them connect to their employees. There are several different managing styles that managers can use and each individual responds differently to different styles, and personality tests can help managers know which style works best for which individual. Personality tests are also important to help a person understand more about themselves. These tests are supposed to make a person aware

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  • The Personality Of Antisocial Personality Disorders

    Antisocial personality disorders are when people have no regards for others and laws. They lack empathy for other people, do not care about what is right or wrong, and they often manipulate and antagonize people. They treat other people very badly because they do not care about their feelings. They do not care about laws, so they often end up in jail. plus they feel no guilt toward what they did, nor do they care about what happens to them. They love to lie for no reason at all even in situations

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  • Personality Essay

    Abstract Personality has been assessed using many different approaches but non have come up with exactly what makes our personality. Personality is a pattern of enduring, distinctive thoughts, emotions and behaviors that characterize the way an individual adapts to the world. Behavior, character traits, attitude, environments we are exposed in makes up one’s personality. Humanistic perspective is the emphasis on a person’s capacity for personal growth

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  • Is Personality A Science?

    Is personality a science? Precisely, what is personality? There has been many theories about personality as it has been viewed differently over the years. With personality, no two theories are the same just as no two individuals are. Personality is an individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. Personality has been studied by many well-known psychologists including Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Gordon Allport, Abraham Maslow, and Albert Bandura. Their studies led to the discovery

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  • My Personality And Personality Test

    I took a personality test and now I got some results about my personality. Before I took the test, I guessed that my personality is curious, generous, reliable, perfectionist, emotional, easy-going, friendly, negative, caring and responsible and so on. Now I’m going to review the results and consider the two questions that is about whether the results are accurate of my personality and what my personality is formed by. First of all, I was analyzed as ISFJ by the personality test. According to the

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  • Self Assessment Personality Test : Personality, Motivation, And Values

    self-assessment personality test. I also will discuss the findings of the personality test and how it relates to me and my job. The personality test also uses Myers- Briggs personality types. I will discuss the characteristics of this personality type and how it relates to me and how I perform at work. I will explain what each letter represents in the personality type. I will explain what my score means in areas of personality, motivation, and values. I will discuss how using personality test influences

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  • Essay on Personality

    would make a personality test reliable and valid? In this week personiality is the main focuas. It is amazing how much information a person can learn just from reading into peoples emotional, mental, and social characteristics. The purpose here is to help others understand what personality is, the key features that define, the key concepts. The information gathered will tell if personality features consistent, and what will make a personality test reliable and valid. Personality Aftering

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  • Personality Disorders : Antisocial Personality Disorder ( Aspd )

    Personality Disorder: Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) Personality disorders can influence social functioning. There are three types of personality disorders; avoidant personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. A person with antisocial personality disorder is also known as a sociopath or psychopath. Psychologist or psychiatrists diagnose many serial killers as possessing antisocial

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  • Personality Paper

    Personality Paper Joy L. Hamby PSY/405 August 14, 2013 Laraine Frajio Personality Paper Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are characteristic patterns that make a person unique. A person’s personality is what sets them apart from the rest of the world. The uniqueness that each person possesses is called personality. Although individuals may possess similar qualities no two people can share the same personality (McLeod, 2007). The term personality was originated by the Latin word persona

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  • My Personality Type Of Personality Types

    Learning about my personality type, as well as other personality types, I can get a better understanding of why people act differently in a particular situation. Learning about different personality types allows us to accept and value the differences in personalities. Since reading about the different personality types I have recognizing that each personality has characteristics that are beneficial, but also has weak characteristics. People often focus on capitalizing on their strengthens and do

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  • Personality Essay

    Personality PSY/504 June 25,2012 Elisa Doebler-Irvine Personality Personality Is perceived differently by the general public and psychology professionals. Through examining the behaviors of the term psychologist view it a little differently. The contents of this essay will describe the definition of personality used by psychologist professionals today. Later, this essay will go in depth explaining the differences between case studies, correlation designs, quasi experimental designs, and true

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  • Personality Traits From The Personality

    Certain personality traits have the ability to predispose specific individuals towards certain behavioral problems such as aggression, depression and anxiety (Yu, Branje, Keijers & Meeus, 2015). Yu et al. (2015) examined personality traits from the personality-environmental perspective and how they pertain to relationship satisfaction and anxiety disorder symptoms. The research implemented a longitudinal study looking specifically at personality type, romantic relationship and the interaction of

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  • The Personality Of The Neurotic Personality

    Abstract Karen Horney was known for her study of the neurotic personality. The purpose of this paper will be to focus on what environmental factors can contribute to the development of personality. I plan on further explaining what Horney identified as the three ways of dealing with the world that are formed by an upbringing in a neurotic family; moving toward people, moving against people and moving away from people. Horney was convinced, as will be later discussed, by her own experiences

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  • Personality Model Of Personality And Personality

    Personality Learning about an individual’s behavior in an organization is important. Each employee has his or her own personality in the organization. An employee’s personality helps the organization to grow, so discovering one’s own personality is important. I have learned a lot about myself upon taking this personality assessment. I was surprised how I scored in some areas of the test compared to previous tests. I also found I had different results from previous tests. What About Me? In this

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  • Psychology : Personality And Personality

    Introduction to Psychology Week 8 Personality 1. Personality refers to an individual’s distinctive behaviour, patterns of thought, feelings and motivations that are shown in various situations. There are two theories that have been studied for personality, ‘Structure of personality’ and ‘Individual differences.’ The ‘structure of personality’ is the organisation of enduring patterns and personality processes, whereas ‘individual differences’ is the way of people vary in personality traits. The study of twins

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  • Personality Theory And Personality Theories

    Personality Theory In the early 20th century most of the psychological literature was focussed around explaining abnormality in human development and personality. The idea was that if abnormality could be explained then it could be treated. The ‘abnormality’ focus hugely helped the field of psychiatry and clinical psychology to develop. However, the differences which exist between “normal” people were still shrouded in mystery. Understanding differences between normal people is not only interesting

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  • What Makes A Personality?

    What is Personality? What I found the most relevant to me in Chapter 3 was personality. Personality relates to all of us because we all have a personality whether we like the one(s) we have or not. Our book defines personality as "the relatively stable feelings, thoughts, and behavioral patterns a person has." It is important to understand other people 's personalities. They give us clues about how they may behave and feel in different situations. Knowing someone 's personality can help you to interact

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  • Personality Essay

    Organizational Method: Topical Topic : Personality General Purpose : To inform Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about the type of personality. Central Idea : The four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind describe the four unique personality types associated. The elements exhibit profound influence on basic character traits, behavior, emotions

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  • Personality Characteristics Of Personality Traits

    research article came to me as a surprise. While I was aware that personality traits served as predictors in some cases such as likeability, team work or attractiveness, it never occurred to me that they could also be predicting mortality risk. The idea may sound ludicrous at first but after considering the points of the research and the peer rating, the argument does follow suit. This study brings up two interesting points. Personality traits, (more particularly conscientiousness) seem to be predictors

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  • The, Personality And Personality Theory

    (a) Personality refers to the distinctive character and property among people. (b) MBTI personality theory has four preferences that help to improve our personality in human relationships and develop leadership skills and choose the right career. Extroversion is generally expressed as the “social,” the energy is focused outside and very sensitive to others and is an impulsive personality character. Introversion is an introspective nature, the energy is focused inside and tends to concern the various

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  • A Short Note On Personality Disorders And A Personality Disorder

    Cluster B Personality Disorders Personality disorders are a group of mental illnesses that involve long term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy and have been known to cause serious problems with relationships, work, and activities. People with personality disorders may not even realize they have a problem, in fact, their thoughts can seem completely normal to them. Because personality forms during childhood through an individual 's genes and environment, a personality disorder

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  • The Personality Of Borderline Personality Disorder

    Borderline personality disorder is a personality problem which related to mental illness caused by unstable of self-perception that individual perceived the world in an unusually way, instability emotions , behavior and relationships with other people where it interferes with the person’s capacity to perform normal functions (“,” n.d). Based on what I learned from the psychology lectures, I believe that a person who is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder is most

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  • Personality Theories And Multiple Personality Tests

    Personality is never easily defined; many people have a hard time describing what they are like. They want to think that they have all of these “perfect” traits but there are advantages and disadvantages to each one. Thankfully, personality psychology exists to help out. Through various theories and multiple personality tests, people can grasp what they are really like. To determine my personality I took a couple of personality tests and have gathered other resources to confirm these tests. I used

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  • Personality Disorders: Multiple Personality Disorders Essay

    some people do not consider people with personality disorders threatening or dangerous, they can have harmful or negative effects on other people, society, and themselves. To begin, the most common personality disorder is Multiple Personality Disorder. The name itself is self-explanatory because the mind of the person with this disorder creates more than one personality inside their head. Because the person behaves as if they have more than one personality, it used to be believed as the “phenomenon

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  • How Does Personality Affect Our Personality?

    “We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die” (Camus, n.d.). As a habit that all humans possess, categorizing and labeling each other into certain, specific groups is a social trait that helps us comprehend certain things better, helps us explain what makes each other tick. Personality is an enigma that is always changing and evolving as a person ages, but never truly dies until that person does. It is simple yet complex. Solid yet flexible

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  • The Personality Of Antisocial Personality Disorders

    Antisocial Personality Disorders Not every person can function in a normal society as we perceive it. Every individual is different according to their personality, culture, social upbringing, and various other factors. A person may not be able to fit into a social structure due to just moving into a new culture /country. However there are some people who, no matter what the circumstances are, always remain the outcast. For those who cannot participate in our social fabric, they are said to be suffering

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  • Personality Essay

    Personality provides great insight into people and their lives. Personality traits affect every person in the world. Every human has a personality, which provides a great research topic to help psychologists better understand the human mind, actions, and choices we as humans make. We make such choices as what to wear, to eat, to do on the weekends, what type of music to listen to, and what to watch on television. There are many different personality models such as the Big Five to identify a person’s

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  • The Personality Of A Personality Type And The Nt Temperament

    Personality typing is a tool with many uses. It is especially notable for its helpfulness in the areas of growth and self-development. Learning and applying the theories of personality type can be a powerful and rewarding experience, if it is used as a tool for discovery, rather than as a method for putting people into boxes, or as an excuse for behavior. ( The Myers-Briggs Personality test reveals that I am INTJ- Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking and Judging personality

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  • Personality Disorders : Borderline Personality Disorder

    Queen Harrell Dr. Hall Theories of Personalities Borderline Personality Disorder What is Borderline Personality Disorder? Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness that follows up with unstable moods, behavior, and relationship. Some doctors would consider BPD as a mental disorder because people with diagnosed with disease may sometimes have severe brief psychotic episodes. People who suffer from BPD have symptoms of problems with regulating emotions and thoughts, impulsive and reckless

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  • Personality Type Reflection Paper On Personality

    Personality Type Reflection Paper After a long and awkward silence in a standup comedy set, Marc Maron broke the silence with, “For my next trick I will make everyone understand me.” I before believed that trying to explain myself to a group would be as abstract as a magic trick. I believed the illusion of me was like magic; slight of hand, smoke and mirrors. But now through personality tests I can simplify what is the manic-depressive whirlwind of my personality. A daughter- mother team

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  • Personality, Personality And The Basic Approaches

    Personality, everybody has one and everyone is unique in their own personality. Every individual is different, but the question is why? Personality is one of the most important assets that an individual possesses. Personality will be a determining factor in a person’s level of contentment in life, their success and their motivation to fulfill their life desires. Personality helps shape the present and continue to shape an individual’s future. The core of understanding human nature lies in the study

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  • Personality Types Of Personality Type

    Personality Type According to AnonymousProtagonist (2016), this writer’s personality type is an “ENFJ-A” (e.g., “The Protagonist”) that translates as “Extroverted,” “Intuitive,” “Feeling,” “Judging,” and “Assertive” (See Appendix B; AnonymousProtagonist, 2016, Your…, para. 1-18). To further elaborate, this writer is a people person who proceeds through the following steps when making a choice: 1) Internally focuses on a decision, 2) checks it with gut “emotions,” 3) implements that decision, 4)

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  • Antisocial Personality Disorder And Personality Disorders

    Antisocial personality disorder is usually described as a personality disorder in which a person’s cognition and personality is impaired. This symptom causes an individual to suffer from both self and interpersonal functioning. According to the DSM-V, an individual with antisocial personality disorder must exhibit antagonism and disinhibiting. They also have impaired personal and interpersonal functioning. This disorder is closely connected to criminal behavior. An individual with antisocial personality

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  • Theory of Personality

    Theory of Personality Paper Humanistic psychology has led to the development of several different psychotherapies. All are based on the idea that people possess the resources for growth and healing and that the goal of therapy is to help remove the barriers that block this growth and achievement. Although, several theorists have contributed to Humanistic Psychology, one of the most renowned is, Abraham Maslow. Humanistic psychology is defined as: "Explicitly concerned with the human dimension

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  • Personality Test And Personality Tests

    believed to be correlate with their personality. Based on that belief, the personality test has been designed as a hiring tool and most personality tests are presented as questionnaires that applicants are required to fill out during hiring processes. Data shows that personality test has become an industry with $400 million a year and at least 30 percent of organizations in U.S. have used that in hiring practices (Berry et al. 13). Managers are convinced that personality test enables them to select the

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  • Personality Tests : A Personality Test

    applicants to complete a personality test. Your friend has enough knowledge of personality tests and the job description to know that her personality profile is not exactly what the company is looking for. However, she would really like the job and believes she would make a great employee. She is planning to answer the questions on the personality test to match the company profile and has come to you for advice. Based on this scenario, answer the questions below. Do you believe personality tests are an appropriate

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  • Personality Traits Of The Myers Briggs Personality Test

    this paper I will discuss my personality characteristics using the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, and how it is used in determining my specific personality type. I will also provide my specific formula that describes my personality type upon completion of this test, and how it relates to my job. My specific personality formula determines how my relationships and personality affect the decisions I make at work. Each letter of the formula represents one of my personality. This formula determines how

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  • My Personality Traits Of A Personality

    Have you ever wondered what your personality traits say about you? I have, so I took a personality test online from and this test told me that I am an INFJ. The “I” stands for introverted, the NF stands for an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets me apart is my accompanying judging (J) trait. My personality type in known as “The Advocate.” My personality type is rare. It makes up less than one percent of the population, nonetheless leaves a mark on the world. According

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  • Personality Characteristics Of A Personality

    When I began this assignment, I had completed a personality test several years ago. This time I was identified as personality type ESFP (Extrovert, Sensible, Feeling, Perceiving) (Pearson Assessment). Earlier in the course I was identified as ENFJ (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging), which is different but we will use this assignment based on the results given from the Assessment. I believe that based on certain situations and the level to which each trait will change. There was not much

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  • Personality Psychology : Personality And The Type Of The Car They Drive

    Course: Date: Personality Assessment Question 1 Personality assessment is fundamentally the measurement of the characteristics of people. Personality refers to individual uniqueness in behavior, patterns, their cognitions, and emotions. On the other hand, assessment is the product of gathered information. Specialists in personality assessment assume that variations in behavior from one individual to another are based on their underlying personality traits. In this regard, personality psychology can

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  • Describe Personality And What Personality Is

    There are many ways to describe personality and what personality is. Addition to what I read was that everyone has different thinking for example like Lesley might think oh that boy probably likes me. When in reality her friend Samantha was thinking oh no that doesn’t mean that boy likes you because if he did he would be with you. It has to do with your action to how you act to certain things. For example John buys a root beer soda but his friend Tyler has never had root beer soda. Tyler tries a

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  • Personalities Essay

    Theories of Personalities Elizabeth Scott PSY/405 August 29, 2012 Mark Schmitz Theories of Personalities Two major theories of personality are the psychoanalytic theory and the interpersonal theory, in these reading we will be talking about how these two theories compare to each other and just take a deeper look into the theories in general. The Psychoanalytic Theory The psychoanalytic theory was developed by Sigmund Freud and is best described as what some people call

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  • Personality Characteristics And Influence Of Personality

    Personality is one of the first human characteristics that we notice as soon as we engage in conversation. Some people tend to be outspoken, while others feel more comfortable not socializing. The unique way someone acts makes it easy to distinguish the way one thinks and to differentiate one from the rest. Individuals must wonder how everyone is different, and, also, if anything influences this difference. Personality characteristics have been theorized to be controlled by either the influence of

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  • The Personality Trait Of Personality Traits

    The Neurotic Personality Trait Definition Neuroticism is one of the five personality traits associated with the Five Factor Model of personality. This model of personality also includes the traits openness-to-experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness. Neuroticism describes a personality trait in which the person possessing the trait may be more likely to voice feelings of anxiety and often fluctuates emotionally (Vitterso & Nilsen, 2002). According to McCrae and Sutin, “neuroticism

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  • Personality Paper

    Personality Theory Paper Jennifer Campos PSYCH/504 January 14, 2013 Dr. Tracy Masiello Personality Theory Paper John Nash was a very interesting man. Many may just know of him because of the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”. Taking a look at John Nash and his personality and how psychologists, such as Jung and Freud would see John Nash through their diagnoses. Also taking a look at how different theories would go up against John Nash and his everyday life. The different theories that will be looked

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  • Personality And The Theory Of Personality

    Personality is a subject that is mixed with the environment that we are surrounded by and beliefs in which we are brought up with, that transforms us and makes the person we are. It all starts at birth, how we are raised and the changes in our lives that we experience that make us grow as people. Nobody looks at life the same way as we did in our childhood, teens, or even in college. Our personality all changes as we progress through life. Theories have been developed by psychologists to help the

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  • The Personality Traits Of Personality

    they have certain personality strengths until they take an assessment to see what they actually are. I recently took a personality assessment utilizing the DISC method of scoring to see what my more dominant personality traits were. The results came back a little different than what I thought of myself at first but the more I pondered on it, the more it made sense. My three most dominant personality traits are Conscientious, Dominant and Steadiness. I will explain the personality tests that I took

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  • Personality Traits Affect People 's Personality

    While a human is often identified by their appearance, it is their personality that shapes their character. A person’s personality can be determined by many factors, such as childhood experiences, friendships, observed behaviors, and many other aspects that can transcend into adulthood. However, it is perceived that personality can also be explained by many psychological and physiological factors that affect the way people behave and react to certain situations. Due to this idea, many proposed theories

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  • Personality Theory And Theory Of Personality

    Personality Theory Blog The following assessment is created to determine successful characteristics of personality analysis that can be effective in identifying individual personality traits. Reviewing one the major personality theories, I will identify assessments that can be effective in understanding an individual’s behaviors and to improve the communications between human resources and individuals within an organization.

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