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  • Historical Analysis : The Declaration Of Independence

    itself. A historian’s job is to collect, examine, and catalog a historical piece of evidence but it becomes more difficult to do so when there is so much background to the historical narrative. The document focused on is the Declaration of independence, crafted by the Committee of Five consisting of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. These men were assigned to creating this document by The Second Continental Congress and adopted by Congress

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  • Impact Of The Declaration Of Independence

    The Impact of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence; It is the United States most prized possession. It’s almost completely inked by Thomas Jefferson and it occurred during the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment had many impacts on a variety of cultures and especially the United States. It made people question the way we live and the morals we follow. This is why the Declaration came about. The Declaration questioned every aspect of Government and asserted many issues such

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  • The Declaration Of Independence

    nationalism. One of the most famous moments in US history was the making of the declaration of independence (July 4, 1776) and all the way to the most depressing moment we have encountered, the 9/11 event and the speech followed by it given by our former president George Bush. When the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776, America was just a nation on the rise. We were fighting England for our independence because of the high taxes, and the way they treated the people of the US. We were fighting

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  • Independence Day Essay

    On this Special Day I would like to recollect the words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the eve of India’s Independence. “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we will redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance .... We end today a period of ill fortune, and India

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  • Essay on History of The Declaration of Independence

    The four main parts of the Declaration of Independence are: the Preamble, the Declaration of Natural Rights, List of Grievances, and Resolution of independence by the united States. The purpose of the Preamble was to kindly state that nature itself calls for separation of people from their country, and that in many times through out history, ties will be broken, and new ones shall be formed. The purpose of the Declaration of Natural Rights is to explain that people have certain inalienable rights

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  • Independence In Latin America Essay

    "Independence of Latin America" In the 1800's, Latin American countries won independence, but many new independent countries had trouble creating strong, stable governments. The Creoles played an important role in the independent movements. These countries won their independence through strong leaders and many other factors. As soon as these countries won their independence from Spain and Portugal, they did not want to return the way they did. Many countries revolted, we even find out

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And Independence

    The Declaration of Independence was written because the colonies no longer wanted to be under the power of Great Britain and form of government. It gave a voice to their list of grievances. It is the document by which the 13 colonies proclaimed their independence from Great Britain. The purpose of the document was to announce the independence of the colonies to the world and list the reasons why the Revolution was legitimate. They had struggled for many years to resolve their differences so they

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  • Independence Day of India Essay

    Independence Day of India Respected teachers and my friends, I wish you a happy Independence Day. India became independent on August 15, 1947... A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new…India discovers herself again." - J.L.Nehru On the eve of India’s independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru famous speech “Tryst with Destiny” marked the beginning of a free India with words symbolizing hope and triumph. India got its independence from the

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  • Independence Day Essay

    Short Essay on 15th August – The Independence Day of India By Devansha on November 30, 2011 in Essays The great dream of our freedom fighters, nationalists, and revolutionaries was realized on 15th Aug. 1947, when India became free and independent. It was an epoch-making event of great significance, which ushered in an era of liberty, self-rule and prosperity for our nation. Since then 15th Aug., has been celebrated all over India as our Independence Day. It is a national festival-a day to remember

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  • The Greek War Of Independence

    The Greek War of Independence led Greece to become an independent state from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in 1830. However, after the separation, the country underwent economic difficulties and government corruption. Though Greece has made great strides in reforming their political institutions and combating corruption in the last 185 years, there are still clear signs that problems are very much prevalent in today’s society. On the other hand, the northern European country Denmark greatly differs

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  • The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson

    The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 was an effort towards promoting freedom. In this significant document, Jefferson addresses the reason why the colonies were overthrowing British rule and becoming a separate nation away from the “long train of abuses and usurpations” (Jefferson 679). This is followed by a list of abuses that the British king has done against the colonists. In comparison to the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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  • The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson

    the final wording of the Declaration of Independence was approved of by the Continental Congress. The Declaration of Independence relinquished our primary rights,which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Written by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston. This document declared our freedom from the British and some basic rights that every American should have. The Declaration of Independence was a essentially a list of injustices that

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Declaration Of Independence

    Devices in the Declaration of Independence The importance of Thomas Jefferson and his contribution as the main writer of the Declaration of Independence in American history cannot be understated. As the most eloquent of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson was given the unenviable responsibility of writing the Declaration of Independence, arguably the most important document in American history. The declaration is a document that would not only declare the independence the American Colonies by accusing

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  • Essay about The Declaration of Independence

    the Declaration of Independence Often a single document defines and commemorates an event or a moment in time that is of importance. The Declaration of Independence is the principal document that defines and commemorates the birth of the United States and the independence of our nation. The Declaration of Independence defines the right of the people to defy the established order, to change their government, and to throw off an oppressor. [1] The Declaration of Independence expresses America's

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  • The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson

    audience are referring to. They both used the Rhetorical appeals that reveal specific ways that each of them used the strategy appropriate enough to a specific way in order to get their messages across to their audience. In “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson. Which is one of his famous piece of writing. He has made his position clear in the Declaration to the colonists and the most importantly to the world, by using persuasive appeals. In the fitst two paragrah jefferson sort talking

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  • Independence Hall And Liberty Bell

    Located steps away from the historic Independence Mall, a section of the Independence National Historical Park where Independence Hall and Liberty Bell are found, is the National Constitution Center. The National Constitution Center prides itself as the first and only nonprofit, nonpartisan institution devoted to the United States Constitution. On September 16, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed the Constitution Heritage Act of 1988 which established the Center. According to the Act it established:

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And Independence

    The Declaration of Independence was written for two main reasons to them was just and right in the eyes of God. The Declaration, would be their ticket to freedom in their own land and why they were declaring their freedom from the British. In this document or as some would say a contract; would legally give them that freedom and it would have to be honored. It also was written to show reasons why the colonies felt their freedom was deserved and as humans justified. This would allow them to make their

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  • The Declaration Of Independence

    On March 9, 1776 Adam Smith published the Wealth of Nations, and within this same exact year the Declaration of Independence was published as well. Although the Declaration of Independence established the United States freedom as a nation, the Wealth of Nations had more of an impact globally. Adam Smith, also known as a Scottish Philosopher, and Father of Modern Day Economics wrote the Wealth of Nations to change the mercantilist system. Mercantilism implies that riches is altered and limited,

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  • The Declaration Of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence is list of grievances and separation from its mother country .the colonist was created to benefit the mother country Britain’s mercantilism but the high taxes caused a rift. Yet the document became they symbol of freedom for the colonists and anybody facing the same grievances. The document was one of the first to declare the colonists as Americans and the birth of an independent nation. It set forth philosophy of freedom which was therefore became the dynamic of

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  • Declaration of Independence Paper

    The Declaration of Independence is the document that was drafted as a proclamation for the 13 original colonies of New England to emancipate themselves from the British Empire. It was written in 1776 and ratified within the same few months. In total, there were multiple authors, many signees, and an even greater amount of contributors. The authors of the Declaration of Independence include five main Revolutionary leaders. The main leader who originally drafted the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson

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  • The United States Declaration Of Independence

    The United States Declaration of Independence, written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson, and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, written in 1789 by Marquis de Lafayette, are similar documents in comparison. Although they were written for different reasons, both documents were written to address many problems their people were faced with while emphasizing freedom and equality to each area. First of all, both countries used some type of assembly of men to assist in writing the Declarations--National

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  • The Fight For Independence By Thomas Paine

    The fight for independence was defiantly not one of simplicity, but one of great distress, hardship, and catastrophe to bring liberty among the American colonies. Outstanding efforts by colonist and their leaders proved that the decision to gain freedom from Britain led to what is now an independent country governed by the citizens of the United States. In The Speech at the Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry addresses the leaders of the community that the issues with Britain should not be taken peacefully

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  • Declaration Of Independence And Independence

    Declaration of Independence Assignment In its entirety, The Declaration of Independence is man’s way of ensuring its right not to be controlled by any one person, entity or unjust government. The main trepidations of the colonists during the beginning stage of the American Revolution are clearly stated within the Declaration of Independence. These concerns and fears showed the overwhelming urgency to depart from England quickly because their livelihood, liberties, and freedoms were hanging in the

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  • Common Sense And The Declaration Of Independence

    Founding Documents Comparison Paper Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence were the start of a new beginning for the colonists in America. Freedom from their negligent mother country, England, and a brand new government for the country. Both Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence transformed our country and greatly impacted the government and how we live today. Common Sense, written by Thomas Paine, was a huge hit in the colonies. It could easily be compared to the recent

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  • The Second War for Independence Essay

    The Second War for Independence Since the beginning of Thomas Jefferson's presidency, Britain has continually pushed the Jefferson administration to the limit. Britain's opinion of Americans has always been as being an inferior British colony, even though they won the revolution. Britain overstepped the boundaries and took advantage of the Americans once again and it was inevitable that the Americans would have to retaliate. They retaliated against the British colonies, in Upper and Lower Canada

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  • Kenya After Independence Essay

    So many African countries were under the rule of the colonial masters and Kenya was not an exception. Many African nations wanted to gain their independence which is freedom from their colonial masters and with the help of the founding president and liberation icon Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya gained their Independence on December 12, 1963 from the United Kingdom. Kenya is located in the Eastern part of Africa bordering the Indian Ocean between Somalia and Tanzania. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi and Kenya

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  • Analysis of The Declaration of Independence Essay

    What is the Declaration of Independence? The declaration of independence states that all individuals have inalienable rights, requiring life, liberty, and property, a document by which the thirteen colonies proclaimed their independence from Great Britain. If these rights are not protected, people have the right to abolish the government and institute a new one that is willing to secure those rights and their happiness. The declaration was written by Jefferson when he had the vision that America

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  • The American War Of Independence

    The American Revolutionary War is also known as the American War of Independence. it was one of the biggest wars in history and was fought between America and at least thirteen other former British colonies. it became a global was and many superpower at that time were involved in fighting Britain. The war was mainly fought on American soil and the claim is that more than 600,000 lives were lost in the war. Several countries, like France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic, were fighting the british

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And The Enlightenment Era

    the motherland? Which could be also said about the the document that inspired America’s founding, the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was constructed to exemplify the American colonies independence from Great Britain with the most known statement “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” A point often overlooked, the Declaration of Independence was based on the idealism of enlightenment thinker during the Enlightenment Era, which was between the early 18th century

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  • Essay about The Strive for Independence

    "mother-woman" because she wanted children every two years. Although Adele is a domestic woman, she is the one who gives Edna her desire to become independent and fend for herself. In the novel, we are able to see the transition from domestic to independence in women. When the Industrial Revolution happened, the women were needed to go into the factories and fill in the opening jobs. They worked for less money than the men and in horrible working conditions. But for women to go and work in these

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  • The American Independence And The French Revolution

    these five are the most important to Western Civilization: the American Independence and the French Revolution, the Age of Enlightenment, World War I, World War II, and the End of Communism. In the late 1700’s, the British Colonies on the American continent began to revolutionize against the monarchy of the European rule to form a new country that was a democracy that would model after the Romans. This sparked the independence of one, if not the, most powerful country to ever exist within human society

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  • Kenya’s Road To Independence Essays

    In the year 1942, fellows of the Kikuyu, Meru, Kamba, and Embu tribes took an oath of unity and secrecy to fight for independence from British decree. The Mau Mau movement initiated with that oath and Kenya ventured on its relentless journey to National sovereignty. The Mau Mau movement was a militant African nationalist unit that resisted against the British authority and its colonial rule. The Mau Mau members were chiefly made up of Kenya’s largest tribe, Kikuyu. The Kikuyu conducted intense

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  • A Word On Introspection And Independence

    A Word on Introspection and Independence “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I am sure that the majority of us ran into this question dozens of times during our childhood. When I was younger the answer would come to me as easy as saying my name. A veterinarian or a ranch owner or a writer, I had many phases. Conversely, if you asked me that question now that I am seventeen years old, the only answer I’d give you would be a shrug of shoulders. How come now, that I am only a few months

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  • Independence Of The Nation 's Independence

    In the nineteenth century, celebration of the nation’s independence was fresh on everyone’s mind. Declaring independence gave our government the ability to regulate our nation in ways they thought best would support the success of our country. Fourth of July brought around the chance for people to celebrate the positive changes and evolutions that had been made throughout the country in previous years. With its title as Independence day, the Fourth of July, in the nineteenth century, enabled more

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  • War of Philippine Independence Essay

    War of Philippine Independence Filipinos are equally heirs to a second great missionary enterprise after Spanish: United States efforts to foster in our country institutions of government and attitudes toward life derived from American experience and faith in democratic ways.1 Originally a port of call for Yankee traders on their long voyage to China, our country became a source of sugar, pepper, hides, and hemp. There was very little in a way of immediate economic interest

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And The United States

    The Declaration of Independence provided the people of the United States a country, free from British control, the U.S. Constitution gives that nation a set of rules to follow, and Mark Twains As Regards Patriotism examines how these two documents affect the mindset of this country. Groupthink, not a word use in 1900, when Twain penned his essay, is a good analogy of what we would now call what he was speaking about. Psychology Today says, “Groupthink occurs when a group values harmony and coherence

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  • The Ideals of the Declaration of Independence Essay

    The Ideals of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is the most important document in the history of the most influential nation in the modern world – The United States of America. Many other nations and societies that have gained their independence since this declaration was drafted in 1776 have used the four key ideals contained within it as a guide for their own independence. This document did much more than achieve independence for the U.S; it would drastically

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  • The Evolution of the Declaration of Independence Essay

    The Evolution of the Declaration of Independence In its current form, the Declaration of Independence is not what was originally written. Before the final copy was printed, revisions, additions, and deletions were made. With any writing, revisions are obviously expected to be made; the Declaration of Independence was no exception of course. However, the Declaration is not just any writing; it’s an important piece of history for the United States. The words and ideals expressed in the

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  • The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson

    A phrase from The Declaration of Independence informs everyone that no person differs from others. All are born with the same rights and opportunities no matter what bloodline and race they came from. This set of words originated from the mind of a brilliant writer, inventor, philosopher, and hypocrite named Thomas Jefferson, a master to two hundred slaves. He wrote the phrase “all men are created equal” (“Declaration,” 1) that will soon inspire many Americans that everyone should be treated with

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  • Thomas Paine And The Declaration Of Independence

    Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called Common Sense during 1737 to 1809. It is a primary source that supported and inspired the Declaration of Independence. Paine wrote Common Sense supporting the Americans to be separated from England because of the constant burden. Where they will become free at last and stand on their own by having a strong military and economy system. Thomas Paine reflects the ideas of enlightenment throughout the pamphlet in different ways such as context and also form. He also

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  • The Declaration Of Independence

    representatives that independence from England was inevitable. The 1876 Currier & Ives painting of the Committee of Five, commissioned to celebrate the centennial of the Declaration of Independence, portrays the members of the original group of delegates selected by the Second Continental Congress at work drafting the document . On June 7th the Congress appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman to a committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. Because

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  • The Fight For American Independence

    American Independence The United States, like many other countries had to fight for independence from their mother land. During the early eighteenth century many countries were facing suffer inflation by the British parliament in hope to gain more money for King George III. The main target was the colonies of the British Empire, also known as the American colonies. The American colonies consisted of mainly low poverty men, women, and children. It was the American colonies who paved the way in to

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And The American Revolution

    The Declaration of Independence announced that the thirteen American colonies would no longer be a part of Great Britain, and that they were going to be independent sovereign states. It was written by Thomas Jefferson however, the Second Continental Congress appointed five other men to help draft the Declaration of Independence. It was written to the British King. The Declaration was composed of three parts the first part is was an introduction and statement the colonies philosophy. The second part

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  • Greek Independence

    For centuries the Greek population was completely under the Ottoman rule. The Greeks’ independence from the Ottoman Turks in 1830 did not come without hardship and suffering. Several other countries including Russia and France took sides with Greece during this fight as they felt close and connected with their culture. A nine year war was fought which eventually resulted in the Greeks gaining independence from the Turks. During this time, the Greeks had to maintain high morale and a strong disposition

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  • Essay on Indian Independence

    22, 2010 Indian Independence India, in the 18th century was ruled by the British for two centuries. The Indians wanted freedom from the British. British looted and caused fights in India and treated them with no respect. The Indian Independence was caused by British Imperialism. The British wanted to take over India, but India wanted freedom as well since it’s their country not the British. Although politics and nationalism were important causes of the Indian Independence Movement, the most

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  • Thomas Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence

    Thomas Jefferson was a very influential person not only in the history of America, but also in American Literature. He was the third president of the United States and also produced monumental literary works such as the Declaration of Independence, and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. Jefferson served in the Virginia legislature and the Continental Congress and was governor of Virginia. He later served as U.S. minister to France and U.S. secretary of state, and also served as vice president

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  • Essay about War of Independence

    The War of Independence Today, July 4th is seen as Independence Day, a day of feast and celebration. But in the 1700’s it was no definitely no celebration. The American Revolution was the revoke the thirteen colonies had made against Britain leading to the war. Although Britain had control over the colonies they took advantage of their power by passing new laws and enforcing tax on almost everything, the colonies were outraged and then revolted these were some of the many causes that lead to the

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  • The Independence Movement Of The Twentieth Century

    put to the lie the need for Quebec independence, for it is now apparent that independence is not a prerequisite of achieving these goals. That said, it does not necessarily put to the lie the legitimacy of independence, for the legitimacy of Quebec’s desire for independence is based on more than necessity alone. This essay will discuss how Quebec achieved each of the aforementioned feats without independence, in order to illustrate why the need for independence is now moribund. It will then explain

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And Common Sense

    Tristan Utech Mr. Westlund U.S. History 10/10/15 Comparative Essay of the “Declaration of Independence” and “Common Sense” Two documents quite essential to the founding of America may actually have much more in common than just being a tool for action. The two documents addressed are “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine and “The Declaration of Independence” written by Thomas Jefferson. These two documents hold the keys to American ideals and ideas. Freedom, liberty, consent, duty, and all other things

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  • Why The Declaration Of Independence?

    Declaration of Independence? A long battle of control had been ongoing between the colonists and England. Since the Puritans and Separatists came to the New World, they have gradually transformed into a different culture and innovative country. England had been neglecting and abusing the colonists and then putting stricter punishments whenever the colonists protest their neglect. This caused a circle of oppression and rebellion. When Thomas Jefferson wrote this document of independence, he listed many

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