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  • Should The Year Tuition Be Free?

    college were free, then the public would be more educated. With free college the crime rates would lower and more students who wouldn’t have a chance or want to go to college now can. Two year tuition should be free for lower to working class students because of how far behind the United States is on education, statistics and proven studies to show the crime rates are lower when the general public is education and most importantly the overall good and benefits a quality education can have. Free two year

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  • Democracy : The Land Of The Free

    America is known as the land of the free. Our country was founded on freedom. Our government was created with freedom in mind. But as our country continues to develop in newer, harsher times, our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us. The American dream that so many people strive for always seems just out of reach. America in general is not as strong as it once was. If America continues on its same path, it will no longer be the great, thriving country it is. Simply stated, democracy is a

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  • Free Will : Paradise Lost And Oroonoko

    Free will is defined as the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. Two texts that I feel deal heavily with free will are Paradise Lost and Oroonoko. In Paradise Lost, Adam and Eve experience the struggle for free will with God, as they go through trials and eventually end up being removed from the Garden of Eden. In Oroonoko, is about an African man who is taken from his home along with his wife, and is forced into slavery. He then

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  • The Theory Of Free Will

    as well. This paper serves to explain which theory best captures the correct essence of free will within our present world. This paper will acknowledge the best theory and the definition of ‘free will’ ascribed to it. The theory that is correct about free will is soft Determinism. Soft Determinists are also regarded as Compatibilists. This theory holds that reality is determined although human beings free will maintains intact. W.T. Stace makes the valid claim that if man has no freedom to choose;

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  • Gun Free And Gun Control

    common; they are gun-free zones. These locations have all been the site of the most recent mass shootings. All but one public shooting, since the 1950s, with more than three deaths has occurred where guns were not allowed (Fund par.12). Apparently, these gun-free zones were not so gun free. In all of these cases a common denominator, gun-free zones, clearly presents the problem that gun-free zones are not near as safe as once thought. After multiple mass shootings happening in “gun-free” zones, these areas

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  • Americ The Land Of The Free, How Free And Fair Is It?

    Although America is known as the land of the free, how free and fair is it? Since the countries conception America has been filled with hate, and discrimination. Even after we abolished slavery, America still faces racial issues and tension in society today. These noticeable issues also effect citizen’s jobs, and their wages. Illogically, even though two people may have the exact same training and resume, one may get payed more for the same work because they are for instance, a male or Caucasian

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  • The Philosophy Of Free Will

    Free Will is a topic that various philosophers and people in general discuss at great lengths about its nature. This is due to the fact that the problem of free will applies to every person on the planet and directly influences peoples’ thoughts/reasoning depending on their sense of free will. With such prevalence within the thoughts of humanity, four views of free will have become widely known throughout the world of everyday people and philosophers alike. These four views being that of Determinism

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  • Swot for Gluten Free and Sugar Free Product Essay

    SWOT Gluten free cereal 1.Strength The production requires low costs and we can adopt technology from other companies. A gluten-free diet is used to be the treatment for celiac disease. People with celiac disease who eat gluten-free Kellogg’s cereal can be a relief of controlling the signs and symptoms and preventing complication. 2 . Weakness In some severe cases, a gluten-free diet cannot relieve the disease that doctors might prescribe medicines to support the immune system. Moreover

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  • Essay about Home of the Free

    In Home of the Free, Wendell Berry, the author takes issue with the way people go through life wanting work and lifestyles to be easier without thinking of the consequence of what it takes to live life “free”. They have the modern day conveniences to help them from getting their hands dirty or having to do anything that someone else can do for them. Berry implies the only way to avoid doing work that might get their hands dirty or feel unsafe doing or, is that they would have to be put into a protective

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  • Frankfurt And Free Will Within Addicts

    Frankfurt and Free Will within Addicts In “Freedom of the Will and the Concept of A Person”, Harry Frankfurt makes the argument that individuals lack moral responsibility for an action if one could not have done otherwise. Frankfurt uses the examples of three addicts: the willing, non-willing and wanton addicts to make his argument that having free will exists if one has identified with their desires. I will argue that Frankfurt’s argument is plausible because having free will may depend on the

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  • Free-Will and Determinism: Conflict and Choice

    your own choice-makings. This freedom to make your own choices is free will.

    Determinism, a philosophical doctrine against freedom, is the theory stating that all events, physical and mental (including moral choices), are completely determined by previously existing causes that preclude free will. This theory denies the element of chance or contingency, as well as the reality of human freedom, holding that the "will" is not free but is determined by biological, environmental, social, or mystical

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  • Why School Should Not Be Free

    School is a necessary system worldwide to invest in a society 's future. The primary argument as to why educational institutions should be free in the U.S. is not to give everyone the equal opportunity to education as stated by Lawrence (a professor of History emeritus at SUNY Albany) although it is one of the reasons, the primary reason is to increase the number of educated workers to hopefully improve our economy. It is stated that an “educated work force has become an essential component of economic

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  • Free Will Essay

    Merriam Webster dictionary free will is the power of making free choices that are unconstrained by external circumstances or by an agency such as fate or divine will. Many people often question rather free will really exist or is it just simply a theory. For everyone action is usually a result of the law or a greater force. Therefore every action is control and not because of one choice. Yet we are not physically forced to do anything we don’t want to. The concepts of free will play a major role in

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  • Free Speech on College Campuses

    Kenzie Winkler Due: May 16th 2011 WR 122/ Wilde Final Essay #2 Importance of ‘Free Speech’ College is a time when most individuals are experiencing major changes and begin to explore new perspectives. The transition in becoming more independent, creating new insights and peer influence are key factors in changing the perspective of an individual. Students are faced with new ideas from their professors, family and fellow peers. Through that acquired knowledge many students decide that they either

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  • The Informed Free Choice Act

    deliver the opinion of the court with respect to section I of the Informed Free Choice Act. Section I of the IFCA mandates that all abortions in columbia, whether occurring before or after viability be performed in state accredited hospitals. Accreditation is regarded as one of the key benchmarks for measuring the quality of an organization. It is in the best interest of the woman seeking an abortion to receive the best care possible for her own safety. Section II of the IFCA requires that each

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  • The 's View On Free Will

    Holbach’s View on Free Will Paul Holbach was a French philosopher who is a hard determinist meaning that he believes determinism is true, and if determinism is true then you cannot have free will, therefore free will does not exist. In Paul Holbach 's “The Illusion of Free Will,” he argues that people don’t have any free will and that nature determines every human’s actions and will. Free will is the ability for one to perform an action without any outside force influencing them and to be able to

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  • Free Will And Freedom And Moral Responsibility

    There has been many different theories about the topic of Free will. For instance, does free will even truly exist, is it defined by our own religious beliefs or is it simply brought on by cause and effect. Free will is nothing more than our own personal freedom to make choices in our lives. It can be brought on by an urge or naturally carefree feeling, to be able to choose with out the interference or opinions of others. A free course of action driven by our own means of self gratification for

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  • The Free Market Is Adam Smith

    The free market is Adam Smith’s brainchild; the revolutionary theory was based on the antithesis of the mercantile system that was in place in its prominence during the 16 - 18th centuries. The convention was for nations building their wealth overseas through a complicated system of protectionism. Mercantilism adhered to a zero sum game ideology and was centred around the belief the nation’s wealth was based on its holding of precious metals or resources and its duty to protect their interests,

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  • Free College Vs. Free Education

    year of high school schooling is free besides school fees and other costs, but higher education expenses are skyrocketing and more individuals are deciding not to attend. The trouble is so many students who are capable of pursuing a college degree decide to drop out because the cost is too high. This is where the free education proposal comes in. Throughout the years, arguments are supplemented to the government to pass or end the free college education proposal. Free education does sound rather obliging

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  • Free Will Essay

    Prof. Kellenberger Phil 310 Free Will When grumpy old Scrooge of the famous movie A Christmas Carol went home on Christmas eve, he had no idea what awaited him. He experienced a night of anguish and terror after three ghosts visit him. Scrooge was a grumpy mean-spirited man after the death of his sister Fan. Just to prepare him for his “life” in death, his dead partner and friend Marley, who facilitates the entire nightmare, shows him the lost lonely spirits who were mean-spirited in their

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  • Eating Gluten Free Is Not A Cure

    person with Celiac Disease, living gluten-free is not a cure, but only a treatment to an improved health and well-being. Not eating gluten does not cure the disease, it just stops the symptoms. A cure would let people with Celiac eat gluten again without getting symptoms. However, Celiac Disease is a lifelong autoimmune disorder in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food. Even though the labeling of gluten free is expensive, companies are now price

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  • The Theory Of Free Will

    Free will is the known as the capability to decide between different potential courses of action and is a highly questioned topic in the philosophical world. Free will, also closely accompanied to the views of moral responsibility, has some philosophers reason that only actions which are free willed are justified to accept the blame of the action while other philosophers oppose this view. Baron d’Holbach views free will under the idea of Determinism, which entails that only one sequence of actions

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  • Is Tuition Free College?

    who is proposing tuition-free college to those who wish to attend higher education facilities. High end college costs has been a big topic of discussion during the presidential primaries this year, with a large amount of college students graduating with substantial debt rates, now seems to be the time that Americans call for change. There is a Democratic candidate that is proposing a monumental change in college costs. Bernie Sanders plans to implement tuition- free college, at public colleges

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  • The Problem Of Free Will

    the problem of free will really a problem at all? Some may take comfort in knowing that all their choices are of their own free will, and others may take comfort in knowing that everything is predetermined. The avenues we could go down in which to analyze the problem of free will are endless; I’m going to touch base on just a few key points. One point of view is that physics controls outcomes in your life. Another point of view possibility is that you have complete control. Is our free will really ours

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  • Free Will Vs. Causal Determinism

    The Argument of Compatibilism Whether or not humans have free will, or are able to make decisions without outside influences affecting them, has always been a controversial topic. There are many different views on this topic, including the compatibilist view which believes that free will and causal determinism are compatible. There are many arguments about free will that refute the compatibilist view and believe that free will and causal determinism cannot coincide. However, there is good reason

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  • The Land Of The Free

    The United States, “the land of the free,” is a nation of significant diversity; covering the most important of many ethical spectrums. Much of the nation 's issues are the result of the same ethical diversities that attract one to the “land of the free.” Our government leaders and elected officials must take into account these ethical diversities when attempting to address and correct problems that affect one 's ability to live peacefully and equally in the United States. There are many issues

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  • Should College Be Free College?

    Final Research Paper Today high school graduates should have an opportunity to go to college for free, so they can look forward to a bigger future and better job opportunities in life. Having free college can be beneficial by bringing in even more young adults who are interested to further their education more and to help the lower class have their higher education too. Free college may be beneficial but it also come with problems or even alternatives. But that doesn 't mean we should stop this

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  • The Problem Of Free Will

    The Problem of Free Will: Libertarianism The problem of free will discusses whether or not there is free will and moral responsibility in one’s actions. Causal determinism, the idea that physical events and actions have physical causes, plays a main role in this debate because it determines whether a person has control over their actions (G. Tiller, personal communication, October 2015). In hard determinism, there is only causal determinism so, a person has no control over the choices they make

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  • Compromise Of 1850 : A Free State

    Compromise of 1850 1850 The Compromise of 1850 was first presented by Henry Clay. It consisted of five major parts: admitting California as a free state, the question of slavery in the territories would be resolved with popular sovereignty, ending the slave trade in D.C., enforcing stricter fugitive slave laws, and the Texas-New Mexico border would be fixed. When introduced, the bill was attacked by John C. Calhoun, who demanded that the North end its efforts to limit slavery. The debates continued

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  • Essay Free Trade

    Free trade and employment has a connection that has become one of the world’s most significant concerns because of how the markets interact with one another. Both are able to affect millions of lives around the world. Free trade plays a critical part to boosting the global welfare and employment sectors of the world. Some economists have finally realized that free trade leads to numerous advantages in the labor sector for everyone involved. Unfortunately, free trade can impact the domestic job

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  • Essay about Free Trade

    Free Trade A brief definition of free trade is: Free trade refers to a general openness to exchange goods and information between and among nations with few-to-no barriers-to-trade. Some people argue that free trade is no good to society and is only bad for Americans. But I would have to disagree with these people because there are a lot of reasons that free trade can be good to society. For the argument that it is important to keep jobs in the United States, this is true that people would rather

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  • Determinism Vs. Free Will Essay

    evil actions they do. I will identify what determinism is, the different forms of determinism, why people find it to be true, why I find it false, and show different examples of why. I will then go on to discuss free will, the different forms of free will, and why people do things out of free will. The definition of determinism “The world is governed by (or is under the sway of) determinism if and only if, given a specified way things are at a time t, the way things go thereafter is fixed as a matter

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  • Sophocles ' Fate And Free Will

    In the play, “Oedipus Tyrannus” the author, Sophocles, illustrated how fate and free will could  determine one 's destiny. Sophocles revolve the core of this play around fate and free will. Sophocles is a well-known tragedian who wrote more than one-hundred Greek dramas for Greek festivals. His plays have entertained countless people in Greek carnivals while made his intended audience to become acquainted with Athens’ government, social forms as well as its’ religion. In this play the main character

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  • Free trade

    Class/Group: K Assessment Title: Essay Assessment Topic: Critically evaluate claims that free trade is the most effective way to increase economic growth and global prosperity. Tutor Name: Iwona Pringle Student ID Number: 2172402 Date of Submission: 23 March, 2015 Essay topic: Critically evaluate claims that free trade is the most effective way to increase economic growth and global prosperity. Free trade is refer to the unrestricted export and import of products or services in international

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  • Gun Free School Zone

    arrested and charged under Texas law with firearm possession on school property. The next day the state charges were dropped and federal agents charged Alfonzo with federal charges of violating the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. The question that was brought before the courts: Is the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, forbidding individuals from knowingly carrying a gun in a school zone, unconstitutional because it exceeds the power of Congress to legislate under the Commerce Clause? (The Oyez

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  • The Internet : A Soapbox Free For All

    The Internet: A Soapbox Free For All. The internet is an incredible tool to have in this modern age, anything from reconnecting with old friends, communicating with others around the world, discovering new things and the ability to search anything at any time all at a click of a button. The internet also provides many ways to express peoples opinion, however, the power of free speech comes at a cost as it has been a controversial issue for decades. The issue of which if some opinions shouldn’t remain

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  • Moral Responsibility And Free Will

    The topic of moral responsibility is a popular debate among philosophers. Moral responsibility and free will are tightly intertwined, making the argument slightly more complicated. Free will is defined in two ways: 1. open choice, which states you choose x freely only if you could have done otherwise, or 2. voluntary choice, which states you act freely if and only if you act voluntarily, without coercion or constraint. Determinism is defined: past events and the laws of nature fully determine every

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  • The Land Of The Free

    The United States, “the land of the free”, is a nation of significant diversity; covering the most important of many ethnical spectrums. Much of the nation 's issues are the result of the same ethnical diversities that attract one to the “land of the free.” Our government leaders and elected officials must take into account these ethnical diversities when attempting to address and correct problems that affect one 's ability to live peacefully and equally in the United States. There are many issues

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  • The, The Land Of The Free

    The United States has grown to be one of the biggest countries in the world and commonly known as America, “the Land of the Free”. There are people from all over the world that dream of coming to the United States in search of a better future for themselves or for their future generations. I am an immigrant myself, my parents and I traveled to the U.S. in search of a better future, being more my parents say than mine. I was only three years old when I set foot on U.S. soil and my journey began. Learning

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  • The Philosophy Of Free Will

    always questioned if we have free will, or if we are unconsciously controlled by someone, and to understand or to answer the question, first we have to understand what free will is. According to the Oxford dictionary, free will is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. However, most philosophers have decided that there might not be one single concept of the definition of free will. The question of free will has been around for ages

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  • Tuition Free Community College

    proposal “tuition-free community college” you suggested early this year that you would make two years of community college free and nationwide available to students in the United States. In other words, you wanted to provide millions of Americans more affordable access to a community college education that you called a "ticket to the middle class.” I agree with you that free tuition college will improve individual’s life in many ways. I assume that when college education is free, there will be more

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  • Comparing Ayer 's Views Of Being Free And Not Free

    have all been raised to believe that we are free to make our own choices and create our own lives. We have all been told that we can do anything we want, and achieve anything at our own free will. But can we really? Are we all actually free? There are many views of what freedom is and how we achieve freedom, and I am going to argue that Ayer’s views of being free and not free are in fact correct. When talking about the philosophy of freedom and free will there are two ways the world can be. Determinism

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  • A Proposal For College Tuition Free

    During the presidential campaign, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders purposes a plan for college tuition free. He suggests that public colleges and universities in the United States should be charge free. The federal government has made over $110 billion dollars through student loan, so Senator Sander suggests that the government should cut the interest rate of student loan from 4.29% to just 2.37%. In current economy, the interest rate of auto-loan is 2.5% on average, so students should not pay

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  • The Healthy Hunger Free Kids

    best for their children. One major area is the heath and well being of their children. In 2010 Michelle Obama passed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, in attempt to stop obesity and hunger in kids across America(). Fast forward to 2015 the plan has had five years to start seeing change, it seems to be going backwards and making things worse. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is a legislation that was passed in 2010. It authorizes funding and sets a policy for USDA 's core child nutrition programs,

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  • Pros And Cons For A Free Market

    Pros and Cons for a Free Market of Healthcare in the U.S. A free market represents the ability to perform an exchange between two or more persons. This voluntary agreement can comprise of money being exchange for goods or services. An example is the child who receives an ice cream cone from the ice cream man in exchange for a dollar. Both parties partake in the transaction because of the perceived benefit each is to gain. The child delights in the treat, while the ice cream man has an extra

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  • Saint Augustine : The Problem Of Free Choice And Free Will And Into The Wild

    significance, such as what we choose to eat for breakfast. On the other hand, some may change our lives forever, like deciding where to attend college. The choices we make lead to the experiences we have. The texts of Antigone, Saint Augustine: Of Choice and Free Will and Into the Wild contain instances of decisions that led to experiences, which result in the realization of what is deemed right and good in life. To determine what is right and good in life, a person must experience the wrong and bad in order

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  • Impact of Free Sex Essay

    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background The attitude of the government in dealing with free sex needs people’s attention, because without intervention from both of them, we won’t reach what we wanted. Because people, especially teenagers still in renewal misinterpreted freedom. Therefore, many young people who fall into things that are not desirable, and most of them influenced from the outside environment that damage the young generation because of his passion to get along even though they're

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  • Benefits Of Free Trading Agreements

    exchange of skilled laborersand superior knowledge among nations goes far to support the free movement and integration among member nations. An example of such postive effects is the creation of the European Union (EU) which created the opportunity for member nations to begin considering large scale production and automated manufacturing to fulfill refrigerator demands with the trading union. Benefits of Free Trading Agreements Basically, for the member countries the benefits are seen in market

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  • Cage Free Or Not?

    Cage-free or not The Huffington Post article “McDonald’s Plans To Switch To Cage-Free Eggs” addresses McDonald’s plans to complete the transition to cage-free eggs in the U.S. and Canada by 2025.1 The article not only raises concern about cage-free eggs, but also discusses whether hens should be bred in the cage-free system or in the conventional battery cage system. In this essay, I will discuss the cage-free system in two aspects. On one hand, it is morally right to switch to the cage-free

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  • The Idea Of Free Will

    The idea of free will as an illusion has become a hot topic in neuroscience, still even nearly twenty years after this article was penned, due to the controversy it attracts regarding morals and self-determination. Tom Wolfe argues, in a rather snarky tone consistently seen throughout the article, that the concept of a self is dead—much like Nietzsche’s preceding declaration that God is dead. However, the concept of self is not yet dead in neuroscience like Wolfe predicted. Rather, more recent

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