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  • Career Thoughts Of The Career

    The Career Thoughts Inventory is a theory based tool utilized to examine negative career thoughts held by individuals seeking career options. The developers, James P, Sampson, Jr., PhD, Gary W. Peterson, PhD, Janet G. Lenz, PhD, Robert C. Reardon, PhD, and Denise E. Saunders, MS created the Career Thoughts Inventory to assist individuals acquire information specific to their ideas about career choices. This tool will assist career counselors in working with clients to exchange their negative career

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  • How A Diesel Mechanic Is A Great Career Choice

    A diesel mechanic is a great career choice because of the many job opportunities. Mechanics get to be hands on with the engines that power many of the vehicles in today 's world. “Although being a diesel mechanic is a hard job because you get your knuckles busted every once in a while, knowing that being a successful mechanic and doing the job quick and efficient makes up for the blood and sweat” said David Anderson. “Being a diesel mechanic every day is a new challenge that needs to be resolved

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  • Career Choice Factors of High School Students Essay

    Career Choice Factors 1 CAREER CHOICE FACTORS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS By Michael Borchert A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree With a Major in Career and Technical Education Approved: 2 Semester Credits ____________________________________________________ Investigation Advisor The Graduate College University of Wisconsin-Stout December, 2002 Career Choice Factors 2 The Graduate School University of Wisconsin-Stout

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  • Personal Statement : My Career Choice

    not for me. The other career choice that interested me was nursing. I have a good idea what that career field entails for the fact that my mom has been a labor and delivery nurse for 17 years. Nursing has always interested me, but I was never completely dead set on nursing and if it was a right fit for me. That 's why the shadow assignment was a perfect task for me because it allowed me to get my feet wet in nursing and would help me come to a final decision with my career choice. The first task

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  • Career Essay

    Career.1 My Dream Career Danielle Flynn University Of Phoenix Career.2 Over the past years my career that I have wanted to do has change many times. You could say that it would take me back to the time when I was a little child acting out all different kinds of careers. Up until recently I truly did not know what I wanted to do. My family and I were sitting around in our living room discussing what I wanted to do with my life. Then all the sudden my dad was talking about becoming a nurse

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  • The Career Careers Of Social Work

    I used to believe that most students pursued careers in social work due to negative childhood experiences that later encouraged them to help other people or that they had interactions with other social workers when they were young and served as a role model and encouragement to follow the same profession. Now I understand that my thoughts were not necessarily true because none of those reasons pertain to me. The experience that I received while working along side a school social worker at my previous

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  • The Career Choice Of Becoming A Veterinarian

    Veterinarians, a.k.a Vets, are people who have a connection with animals which they dedicate their lives to help control, diagnose, and treat them (Veterinarians). The career choice of becoming a Veterinarian is quite interesting and comes with lots of challenges, benefits, experiences and more. Veterinarians have different roles that their career depend on. A Vets main focus is to help the animals and make sure that the diseases are cured, treated or catch any illnesses before it is too late. Also, Surgeries

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  • The Career Paths Side Of High School And Careers

    for a career straight out of high school? What I mean by this is are students going to go jump right into the workforce or are they going to take their time now to build stepping stones to a career. To help you answer this ancient question that has been thought about by every graduating high school student, I will be comparing and contrasting careers that one might pursue straight out of high school and careers students can engage in with a four year college degree. Putting these two career paths

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  • Teaching Is An Career Choice

    In a society where children must attend school up to the collegiate level, teaching is an impactful career choice. Teachers help contour the minds of future leaders of this world. Furthermore, teachers play a crucial role in guiding students to the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in life. As well as that, teachers lead students to make informed decisions on any topic they meet in the future (“High School Teachers”). As a teacher, one must relinquish their knowledge to their

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  • Notes On Career Theory Of Career Development

    Career History Summary of Career Theory Each theory of career development are very similar, but yet very different at the same time. Some theories rely on multiple factors including personalities and the physical state of life, while others focus on one specific category such as value. The theory that made the most sense to me is the Super’s Life Span, Life Space Theory by Donald Super (Barbara E. Hagler And Connie K. Plessman, 2015, “Developmental Theories,” para. 1). Donald’s Theory Donald’s

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  • The Career Of A Career

    Career Exploration Paper 1.-The career that I 'm planning to study is Civil Engineering. Normally, the duty that have all the Engineers from this career consist in improve the environment where we live. For example, their principal jobs are design and oversee new constructions and also keep old buildings working correctly like Airports, Railroads, Roads, and all the facilities of a city. Without forgetting that they have the ambition of create tall buildings and big structures that can be capable

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  • Career Plan For Career Planning

    Career planning is very important for every employee in order to be ahead of the game while at your current job position. It is not an activity that can to be done once. It could be done while you’re in secondary school or college - and later left behind as we push ahead in our career life. However, career planning is a gradual process that is best done on a regular basis - especially given the data that the average worker will change careers (not jobs) various times over his or her lifetime. Furthermore

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  • My Career As A Career Choice

    One of my greatest passions is working with children. At first I was unsure if I wanted this passion of mine to be a career choice. Soon after I took just one course in Early Childhood Education I knew this was the right path. However, I soon decided I desired something more than having a job at a childcare center for myself, I had aspiration to go on to receive a bachelor degree, although I wasn’t certain which type of degree was the right path. That is until I had my recent job opportunities.

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  • Emotional Intelligence and Locus of Control as Correlates of Career Choice in Business Education Among Undergraduates

    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. BACKGROUND OF STUDY Generally, researchers have investigated issues relating to aspects of career choice by teenagers (Breakwell, 1988; Dick & Rallis, 1991; Jawitz, 2000; Woolnough, 1994). Southwick (2000), for example: observes the trend toward a decline in graduate enrolments in health-related fields, as well as science and engineering, having recorded enrolment decline from 1993-1997, after four decades of annual increases. A continuing decline of admissions

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  • My Experience With My Career Choice

    not for me. The other career choice that interested me was nursing. I have a good idea what that career field entails for the fact that my mom has been a labor and delivery nurse for 17 years. Nursing has always interested me but i was never completely dead set on nursing and if it was a right fit for me. That 's why the shadow assignment was a perfect task for me because it allowed me to get my feet wet in nursing and would help me come to a final decision with my career choice. The first task

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  • Career For A Solid Career

    {Great|Exciting|Wonderful|Lucrative|Productive|Good} {Careers|Vocation|Future|Life} In The {Military|Services|Forces}|{Join|Enlist In|Enroll In|Join Up} The {Military|Services|Forces} And {Get|Obtain|Enjoy} A {Great|Exciting|Wonderful|Lucrative|Productive|Good} {Careers|Vocation|Future|Life}|{Creating|Making|Searching Out|Seeking} {Great|Exciting|Wonderful|Lucrative|Productive|Good} {Careers|Vocation|Future|Life} {With The Help Of|Through|By Joining} The {Military|Services|Forces}} {People look for a solid career that gives good pay

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  • The Food Choice Of Food Choices

    People make food choices they are subconsciously unaware of. The snack that your little brother eats when he gets home from school or the midnight snack that your mom eats after a long shift at work are all decisions made unconsciously and are not given a second thought. Though food choice varies from person to person, the choices made can impact their life. The food that an individual decides to consume is based off of six defining determinants, dietary recommendations, and can effect their life

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  • The Career Choice Of Choosing Jurisprudence As The Pathway For Me

    falls. This is what led me to the career choice of choosing Jurisprudence as the pathway for me. Another strength that I’ve discovered is my ability to understand different government processes. This strength has lead me to choosing an undergraduate degree in Political Science. I’ve done this because while in high school I had the chance to participate in Model Congress and realized that through this I have the potential to change society. Hopefully later in my Law career I will have the chance to put

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  • The Career Path Of My Choice

    The career path of my choice is accounting, more specifically Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA). CPAs are professionals who conduct analysis, practice good judgment, and communicate effectively. This ties into the general definition of accounting, which is to classify, communication, and interpreting information. CPAs are Canada’s trusted business leaders. They are recognized for their strategic thinking, management skills, and leadership. In Canada, they play a key role within various sections

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  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices And Choices

    Lifestyle choices, such as nutritional eating, being physically active, and moderately drinking alcohol are all healthy choices. All of these things are considered health enhancing behaviors; which influence our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual selves (Hayden 2009). The sole purpose of this paper is to reflect on my current health behaviors and choices, whether positive or negative to my health. In the world today many people have developed habits of unhealthy

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  • Career Comparison

    formal report that analyzes a situation and provides recommendations. This course project will satisfy TCOs 4, 6 and 8. Overview In this assignment, students will analyze two possible career choices, and then write a formal analytical report effectively presenting a recommendation to pursue one of the careers. This project has two parts: * Part one, the Table of Contents and Introductory Section, is due at the end of week 6. * Part two, the report in its entirety, is due at the end of

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  • Career Pathway Of A Nursing Career

    knowledge and skills developed throughout their education and career." The purpose of this reflective essay is to emulate on particular skills and attributes that I personally pose as an individual who would best be suitable for undertaking a career pathway such as nursing. However, touching on also the importance of reflective practice and how it will be useful in nursing as a future career. My passion of pursuing a nursing career has always held a significant influence throughout the years of

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  • Factors Affecting Career Choice of College Students Essay


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  • My Career Choice Is Orthodontics Essay

    master’s degree and meet with the ADHA American Dental Hygienist Association. A career in dental hygiene involves working in dentist offices which are clean and well-lit. but most of all working closely with dentist and dental assistants who are there to provide effective and efficient care to there patients. Dental hygiene is a great career for me because everything about it just fascinates me . It wouldn’t matter

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  • Essay on Basing My Career Choice on Interviewing a Professor

    something to a student in a way that they can understand, but on the other hand the worst part is how politics get involved, when they should not. At this point in the interview, I turned the focus over to asking career advice. When I said that I was also pursuing law enforcement as a career, he told me that it’s not like television, you will not appreciate the long hours and the emotional and personal relationship stress that stems from the job. He also told me that you need to be a good technical

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  • My Selection Of Sfs And Program Choice Will Support Your Academic, Personal And Career Goals

    Please explain how your selection of SFS and program choice will support your academic, personal and career goals. When I first read the program description of SFS Costa Rica, there were a few words that really struck me: “resource rich, “wonderful biodiversity” and “rapid economic change.” All these descriptions fit very closely with the current environmental and economic conditions of Viet Nam. Moreover, the course materials that are taught in this program such as resource management, waste management

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  • Deciding on a Career Choice Essay

    Deciding on a career choice is a difficult decision to make because it effects your future as a whole. When I departed upon the path to search for my career choice I realized I was presented with many career options and no idea what I wanted to choose but I quickly discovered that I had a fascination with the legal system. As it is this age old system that upholds the laws of our nation and state and enforces those laws to any and every person that breaks them with proper consequences

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  • My Career Choice : Coaching

    their life. Just because of the fact that they are interested and or enjoy doing it. For me it would be sports, I have grown up all my life playing and watching sports. From an early age I loved everything about sports. So that’s why what better career choice then coaching. It gives me a chance to give back and try to help others love sports and appreciate them as much as I do. If I do become a coach I would be either a soccer or baseball coach because those are the two sports I know the most about

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  • My Career Plan For A Career

    Creating My Career Plan It is important to have a career strategy. It will help manage the direction you want your career to take, the skills and knowledge you will need in your profession, and help you to achieve them. The method of your career strategy may be precisely structured or may just need a few adjustments in each area – such as understanding, skills and qualities, what you enjoy doing and the type of work that interests you. If you are curious on what’s out there, having a destination

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  • The Medical Field Is A Career Choice

    The medical field is a career choice that brings about many options and opportunities of great value. The noble idea of being a doctor tends to cloud the diligent studying and precise training that is actually required for this specific career. I have desired to become a physician since a very young age, and now that the opportunity is finally becoming a reality, I have fully researched what it takes to succeed in this profession and various specialties of the practice. The road to a medical

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  • Factors That Affect Catherine 's Career Choice

    According to Sharf 2010, “ones career preferences are a result of her or his prior learning experiences” (p. 372). Therefore, I decided to chose learning experience as one of the factors that might impact Catherine’s career choice. Catherine mention is her intake interviews that she finds herself happiest when she is coordinating the informational programs she puts on for potential students. Having positive experiences like this can help Catherine chose a career as she explores a major to pursue

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  • My Life And Career Choices

    unknown for a period of time what direction your life is going to take. This is the story of different things and people that have influenced me and how I became who I am. I feel that I connect with the cognitive theories as far as my life and career choices. Background I was born a middle child and grew up in an old farmhouse with a very different family constellation than most others I knew. The old farmhouse belonged to my maternal grandparents and my parents never paid rent. The family consisted

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  • Career Planning : A Career Path Up The Corporate Ladder, Communication, And Career

    Career Planning in Human Resources “A career is the set of experiences and activities that people engage in related to their job and livelihood over the course of their working life” (Denisi, Griffin 2015). A person cannot have a career without planning what they want to do in life. Some steps a person may take in career planning areindividual assessment phase, developing a career path up the corporate ladder, communication, and career counseling.Through determination and a willingness to achieve

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  • The For A Career Path

    Therefore these views impacting upon the job choices men make when choosing a career path, although the males choosing the childcare/education career require a strong mind and focus on becoming a teacher in order to be successful (Smedley, 2007), however the profession does not focus on male or female practitioners but to whether the person is a good teacher to meet childrens needs (Sak, Sahin and Sahin, 2012) but where did all of these views arise, why so many negative views, is it down to media

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  • The Interaction Between Education, Career Path Choices And Opportunities

    The purpose of this paper to gain knowledge about the interaction between education, career path choices and opportunities. Understanding this interaction gives one the opportunity to function at their fullest potential. Career Overview My interviewee has no pre-licensure work history. She never worked while in high school. She transitioned right from high school to college to the healthcare workforce. Her career following licensure has been vast (10 different organizations) and all in the state

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  • Career Choice Of Becoming A Registered Nurse

    the medical field. While I know any type of medical career requires a substantial amount of focus and hard work, I also know what I will get to encounter in this career will be very rewarding. Through MS Choices, a book, and personal interviews, I have discovered lots of interesting and beneficial information that can help while pursuing my career choice of becoming a Registered Nurse. The first thing I researched was what a person in this career does. In this field of work the Registered Nurse is

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  • The Career Of Obstetrics

    when one finds out that they could possibly provide assistance in bring a new life into the world, who just couldn 't resist. The career of Obstetrics is a rewarding and challenging career because one has obligations to bring life into the world. The research will describe the career of an Obstetrics, what is required to become a successful, and the impact this career has on society An Obstetrician is a doctor that submit diagnoses in the patient 's body for uncommon sites. Doctors can be a woman’s

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  • My Career Choice: Accounting Essay

    From an early age, I have always had a keen interest in the world of accounting. From studying Accounting at A-level, I have gained further knowledge into this particular subject of my choice. I am currently studying A-levels in Accounting, Chemistry and ICT. I also done Biology but chose not continue the subject into second year. Each of these subjects has given me many different options to apply for at university. The subject I am most interested in studying at university is financial accounting

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  • Career Choice Essay

    CAREER CHOICE-TEACHER OR ACCOUNTING April 21, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 Purpose…………………………………………………………………………………………………….4 Teaching Abroad 4 Path to teaching abroad 5 Potential salary for teaching abroad 6 Pros and cons of teaching abroad…………………………………………………………6 Career as an accountant 7 Path to becoming an accountant 8 Potential salary for accountants 8 Pros and Cons of Accounting……………..………………………………………………..8 Career choice …………………………………………………………………………………………9

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  • Factors Impacting the Career Choice of Women Construction Managers

    My thesis is titled Factors Impacting the Career Choice of Women Construction Managers. So, as one part of my study, I had to conduct focus group interviews with female construction managers. So I decided to conduct one focus group interview during the Spring 2014 Department of Construction Science Career Fair. So for this assignment, based on Lofland and Lofland, I will be evaluating the focus group interview I conducted. I had set delimitations for the study and two of them were as follows:

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  • Why Accountants Are Very Happy With Their Career Choice

    aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you? Research shows that seven out of ten accountants are very happy with their career choice. “"It 's an exciting time to be an accountant," said Bill Driscoll, a district president of Accountemps.” (“Accounting Tomorrow”) A summary of accounting includes a description of accounting different jobs, the education needed, the income expected and the chances of employment after college. An accountant can be a very confusing career for many people to understand

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  • The Career Of The Nursing Career

    The nursing career is one of the fastest growing, in demand and high paying jobs in the health industry. It is also one of the top stressful jobs with many nurses experiencing fatigue, stress and eventually burnout. Various factors attribute to the negative physiological and physical effects of this career, specifically a shortage of nurses, long work hours and when the labor seems almost not worth the salary paid. The responsibilities of a nurse vary greatly. Examples of daily activities are performing

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  • My Career Choices : Career Choice

    My Career Choices Career choice is an important factor that an individual should decide wisely to avoid future dissatisfactions. A career is the ultimate life choice that a person would be based in his profession. In choosing a right career, it is advisable to select wide range of crease in different fields based on the level of knowhow, skills and interest. An individual has to be passionate about his or her career choices based on the personal strengths and weaknesses. In addition, a person should

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  • Being A Nurse Is A Wonderful Career Choice With Amazing Responsibilities

    The profession of nursing has changed from lack of sanitary to enlightening our future. Being a nurse is a wonderful career choice with amazing responsibilities. Nursing is a challenging career that allows you to become a better person. Not that nursing can or will change a person,but over the years of nursing the hospital and their way of helping you has changed a lot. In today 's time nursing has become one of the most common degrees there is. The lack of sanitary for nurses has come to long ways

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  • My Career : A Cosmetology Career

    The career that I have chosen to pursue is a cosmetology career. I chose this career because I like to make others feel good about themselves. I love knowing that when I leave the salon, I feel good about myself, therefore I know that others do too. What draws me into this career is not only can you expand anything you thought you knew about cosmetology, you will always learn new things. You can learn different ways to do hair and makeup. Of course there are other things you can learn too. Plus,

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  • The Career Of Pediatrician Is A Beneficial Career

    the children life.There are kids out there that are in need of help and there is not many people in the occupation to actually connect with them. The career of Pediatrician is a beneficial career, because of the personal benefits.The research will describe the career of Pediatrician, what is required to become a successful and the impact this career has on society. In Europe, children became the main focus with separate medical care in the 18th century. During the 19th century, children’s health

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  • Career Decisions : Career Choices

    many career choices. From becoming doctors, mechanics, engineers, psychologists, or even chefs, these are a couple of the many choices that are offered to us. The only way we can be sure about what we want to do is to research our interest varying on the career choices we have chosen. Researching our career interests help us narrow down the path we want to walk. We uncover details that we might have missed I our rush for information, or we can research in order to make sure that the career we want

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  • The Career Of Obstetrics

    people being taken out of this world, when they find out that they could help bring life into the world, who just couldn 't resist. The career of Obstetrics is a rewarding and challenging career because one has obligations to bring life into the world. The research will describe the career of an Obstetrics, what is required to become a successful, and the impact this career has on society An Obstetrician is a doctor that treats females for many things. They can also be a woman 's primary doctor and furthermore

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  • The Career Of A Career

    Introduction Career Exploration with today rising economy there are many different career to choose from to further gain knowledge in order to excel and be proficient in everyday life. The first career I chose was Training and development Manager this seem to be right up my alley because I always wanted to further enhance people skills. The second career I have chosen is within my company Lowe’s Regional Distribution Center and the position is an Assistant General Manager. I have been with my company

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  • Career Plan

    Fleischman Soc 4587 Four Examples of Career Plans CAREER PLAN EXAMPLE 1 Looking ahead at what is coming in the next month makes reality sink in. It feels like I just started college a couple of months ago and looking for a career is years away. Looking at the questions in the book makes me realize what type of career I am truly interested in. The many questions of money dwell in everyone's minds from time to time. After graduating from UMD I will probably have around $7,000 worth of college loans

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