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  • The Refugees Of The United States

    All the refugees that come from around the world to the United States need to have programs that they can join. I know this because the refugees don 't feel like they fit in here and can get into trouble when they don 't have something to do in our society. Refugees that don 't have things to do in our society can cause trouble, join gangs and become criminals. If we don 't help them out with refugee programs and let them do these things, they will corrupt our society and split our towns

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  • The Syrian Civil War : The Arab Spring

    the Obama Administration announced their plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. In response to President Obama’s proposal, twenty-six governors avowed to decline refugees for resettlement. Supporters of giving refugees admission into America note that rejecting these people is unethical and that the United States should be accepting of all those who seek liberty. So why do so many governors repudiate these refugees during the 21st century’s biggest humanitarian crisis? Investigations

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  • The World 's Reaction, Start Of The Evian Conference

    stop the persecution of the Jews and others; the world should have stepped in quite sooner instead of letting so many be executed. Allowing Refugees in America believed that if they allowed refugees in that they would affect the economy, especially while recovering from the great depression. Although America and other countries had sympathy for the refugees, they gave many reasons as for why they did not want to allow them into their countries (“The Evian Conference”). As for nothing was resolved

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  • We Must Allow Refugees Of War Torn Iraq

    Danger to Ourselves Since the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001 we, as a country, have grown increasingly weary of Muslims. Recently, there has been a lot of talk of whether we should allow Refugees of war-torn Syria into our country, half of whom are children, and much of the talk has turned into opposition over fears of terrorism and Muslims in general. Political leaders have joined the discussion and are fueling heated arguments. In March 2016, 51% of Americans supported a presidential

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  • The Refugees Of The United States

    Syrian refugees residing in France. This echoed through the world and to the countries helping out Syrian refugees and now has everyone questioning the Refugee policy. Currently in the United States our white house wants to veto the Refugee Bill. The Refugee Bill currently allows Syrian refugees to enter the United States. On the condition that they go through thorough checks before entering. However, currently the House wants to pass a bill that will not only slow down the amount of refugees coming

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  • Zimbabwean Refugees in South Africa Essay

    and torture in their homelands while others were ‘economic refugees’ who were seeking employment in South Africa’s growing economy. I will describe the national immigration policy in South Africa as well as focus on Zimbabweans, who make up the majority of foreigners in the country. I will also explain the political upheavals in Zimbabwe that resulted in the fleeing of its citizens and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) attempts to provide assistance. Lastly, I will make

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  • Syrian Government And The Syrian Crisis

    unrest have resulted in widespread displacement of refugees both within and outside of Syria, with the largest number of refugees coming from regions where the greatest violence has occurred. Following a dramatic increase in 2013, the number of internally displaced populations has continued to grow with many refugees having moved multiple times because a single move has not protected them as battle lines constantly change. In addition, the flow of refugees into neighboring countries is substantial and

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  • Essay on Vietnamese Refugees in Orange County

    For years refugees have come to America from all over the globe coming from Syria, Vietnam, Iraq, and even Australia. A refugee is different than an immigrant, in such a way that they are basically forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or a natural disaster. Unlike immigrants who have been here for a long time like the Mexicans, or the Japanese, the Vietnamese have been in the U.S for around thirty years or less. After the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese feared for

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  • The Syrian Refugees

    Syrian Refugees that are arriving in Canada face many challenges during the resettlement process. These refugees struggle with sanitary living conditions, shelter, food, education, em-ployment and health care. The number of refugees arriving at the same time takes a toll on the planning process which in return makes it difficult and overwhelming in finding suitable shelter for these individuals. Developing a proper resettlement plan is a major key in succeeding in this country. There are a number

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  • Personal Statement On Syrian Refugees Escaping The Brutal Civil War

    Every two years I visit Amman, Jordan to visit family but my trip in 2013 I decided to dedicate my trip to help Syrian refugees escaping the brutal civil war in their home country. My uncle is a doctor who volunteers countless hours to provide free healthcare and with his help I was able assist a team of doctors and nurses from all over the world. My four weeks at the Zaatari refugee camp was filled with emotional, traumatic and heartening days but the day that stands out the most is July 7th, 2013

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  • Benefits And Costs With High Refugee Population

    By the end of 2017 there could as many as 3 million refugees living throughout Europe (Calamur). This is an enormous change for the population, especially for states taking in larger number of refugees or states with already low populations. To help illustrate, as of September, the Syrian refugees represent 0.11% of the European population while they represent 25% of the Lebanon population (Bajenkal). There are both benefits and costs to an increased population. The benefits offer a large amounts

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  • The Issue Of Syrian Refugees

    one of sixteen Governors to receive a letter regarding their views on accepting Syrian refugees. These Governors believe that accepting the refugees will put their citizens at a security risk. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris has strengthened their stance, as they do not want a similar situation unfolding in the United States. Kerry and Johnson’s main purpose was to show the governor that the Syrian refugees that make it into the United States will not be a threat due to the extensive admission

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  • How The World Relief Helps The Refugees

    and World Relief comes in. Syrian Refugees come over to America with next to nothing. These people have gone through a lot in Syria and move to a new country to restart their life is super difficult. When they arrive in America they don’t know where to go and need help this is where World relief comes in. This paper is going to look at how world relief helps the refugees what kind of services are available in Glen Ellyn Illinois as well as the process the refugees undergo to come to America and live

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  • Nuer Refugees from Sudan Essay

    Imagine being dropped off in a foreign place where you have never been before or even heard of. You have been dropped off with nothing but the clothes on your back and barely speak a word of the language that is spoken there. This is how the Nuer feel when then go to the United States from Sudan for more freedom. Sure the United States may have more opportunities for a better life than Sudan, but it comes with a lot of life-changing events and challenges that the Nuer must face daily. In Nuer Journeys

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  • Refugees Essay

    world of refugees. According to the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees: a refugee is a person who, owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, is outside the country of their nationality, and is unable to or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail him/herself of the protection of that country (Refugee, 2008). The current crisis of refugees around

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  • United Nations High Commission For Refugees

    for refugee status have not yet been determined. Those covered [by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)] refer to claimants whose individual applications are pending, irrespective of when they may have been lodged.” This differs from Australian Parliament’s definition of refugees. Asylum seekers have to be processed, and it must be determined if they are ‘genuine refugees.’ Asylum seekers in Australia, also known as ‘boat people’ or ‘irregular maritime arrivals,’ go back to

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  • Refugees From The United States Of America

    Refugees should be excepted into the United States of America because it is constitutionally right. The individual right as a refugee is important. An argument is that this nation is built on Christians and the nation should be made up of just Christians. This logic is absurd! Christians are called to help those in need. Refugees are in need. the common good for everyone can be helped if we accept refugees into the US. The US should be expecting them because the process of vetting refugees for arrival

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  • An Explanatory Synthesis On Refugees Entering The United States Of America

    to Know When Migrant Gravy Train Arrives in Your Town” by Leo Hohmann and Attitudes toward Refugees Entering the United States of America by Sarah M. Bullard According to The United Nations High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) there were more than forty-five million refugees seeking asylum in the world in 2012 (UNHCR 2012). With this large number, the question of whether the U.S. people want these refugees immigrating into their country is a large topic of issue. In the article “How to Know When

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  • The Involvement Of Syrian Refugees

    In the summer of 2015, Europe experienced the highest influx of Syrian refugees as a consequence of the civil war led by the Al-Assad family which ruled the country undemocratically since the 1970’s. After the Arab springs, a revolution which began in 2011 led to disbanding of numerous authoritarian regimes the Al-Assad’s refused to stop down and started a brutal civil war. This led to various groups of individuals fighting for varied ideals to fight one another. During this time, the extremist group

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  • Essay on Palestinian Refugees and the Issue of Jerusalem

    the core of the inability to obtain a final peace agreement-the issues of Jerusalem and the question of Palestinian refugees. Both matters are highly contentious, emotional and political, and as a result have necessitated a substantial amount of deliberation over years. In the following, I will argue that in order to reach a final peace agreement, the issue of Palestinian refugees and the ‘right of return’ will be harder to solve than the issue of Jerusalem. To further my position, I will draw from

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  • The Biggest Refugee Crisis Of The Middle East And Africa

    ever been since World War Two. The war in Syria has been the single largest driver of refugees in the world. According to Acer (2016), the conflict in Syria has displaced more than eleven million people and about five million have fled the country. Although most of the Syrian refugees are being hosted in neighboring countries, “Europe is experiencing one of the most significant influxes of migrants and refugees in its history.” European leaders and policymakers are now faced with the tough decision

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  • A Brief Note On North Korean Refugee Crisis

    China) for better political and economic conditions. The refugee crisis in the North Korea-China border region has become more than just a regional problem for the East Asian countries, but also as an international problem as a whole, as North Korean refugees are transiting not just through China but also reaching other countries outside of the East Asian region as well. This includes countries in the Southeast Asian region such as Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, and Vietnam, as well as other countries

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  • Effects of Terrorism on Refugee Protection Essay

    in relation to Refugees is a concept that has many different faces and has not been conclusively defined. It involves a number of actors and approaches and appropriate protection measures depend on the circumstances and stages of a particular situation facing refugees. According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) 2003 Global appeal the UNHCR’s International Protection function as derived from its statute and the 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees has evolved and

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  • The Argument From A Fair Play

    the United States but who have moved here of their own free will. Refugees are people who have moved to the United States to escape war or religious/political persecution. Refugees are not a part of the group that I will refer to as immigrants. Every immigrant and US-born resident of the United States has a political obligation to obey the law on the grounds of the argument from fair play and argument from membership. However, refugees only have an obligation to obey the law on the basis of the argument

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  • The Problem Of The Refugee Crisis

    recently transpired in Paris has not helped the climate of the situation, instead it has alienated and radicalized both sides of the crisis. This situation has also crossed the Atlantic because many American politicians are adamant about taking in refugees. Before going into the main points it is imperative that we define our terms. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner defines the word Refugee as someone who “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion

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  • Analysis Of The Article ' President Obama Directs Administration

    least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year,” written by Juliet Eilperin on September 10th, which talks about exactly what the title states. Eilperin argues that this decision made by the Obama Administration was an ill prepared solution to a predictable problem. Because this solution was made up with out proper preparation it comes with some faults that Eilperin and I both agree is not worth it. Another concern made by the American people is the fact that these refugees are coming from a

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  • Refugees From The Middle East

    Hundreds upon thousands of refugees, Syrians in particular, flood into Europe from their war-torn lands searching for a place of solace. Many people believe that helping these refugee seekers should be a priority, but others believe that they should be sent back to where they came from because one among thousands might be a terrorist. The refugees seeking asylum can not be turned away because people are afraid that one may be a terrorist. Accepting refugees will help the economy, and if not accepted

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  • The Conflict And Individual Refugee Situation

    agreed that countries and communities that admit refugees (many of which are very poor) should be assisted by the world’s more prosperous states. Host communities do have a responsibility to protect refugees, but can only do so if they receive adequate support. Myth #7: All refugees are resettled. Most refugees are unsure of what the next step is once they are in temporary camps and urban settlements. There are 3 durable solutions for refugees, and each solution has challenges and benefits depending

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  • The And The Refugee Crisis

    This year alone Europe has had over 300,000 refugees seeking asylum. A refugee is a person that had been forced to escape their country in order to get away from war, persecution, or natural disaster. Europe is currently facing an extreme influx of refugees unseen since World War 2. During, World War 2 many people needed to escape from the damages that the Holocaust had caused, Europe had an abundance of displaced people. With diverse problems in Syria, many people need to escape the brutalities

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  • The Refugee Crisis And The United States

    A record number of refugees, especially in Syria and Iraq, are fleeing war, trying to escape from poverty and making a difficult, life-threatening journey to find a safer and better way of life. In September, U.S. President Obama announced that he had decided to raise the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States. However, in the wake of terror attacks in Paris, the responses from the U.S. evangelicals have been strongly divided. Some evangelicals believe Americans need to follow

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  • Essay on Somalian Refugees in America

    and livelihoods. Unlike Refugees, who have been deprived of the protection of their state of origin, IDP’s remain legally under the protection of national authorities of their country of habitual residence. (idmc “Definition,” 2013). The Republic of Djibouti houses the most Somalian Refugees than any other neighboring African countries and the population of Somalian refugee’s is the largest in many countries in the world. Due to the undiminished arrivals of Somalian Refugees, the numbers of people

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  • The Un High Commission For Refugees

    Women have to take the precautions of not going out at night and always having someone accompany them. The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), through its local and international implementing partners (IP), provides women and girl refugees in Yemen with health-, protection-, and food services, as well as assistance to tackle other challenges faced by urban refugees (Violence against women is neither inevitable nor acceptable). The UNHCR is also dedicated to preventing sexual and gender based

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  • Struggles Of Learning New Languages And Education

    Struggles of learning new languages and education Local refugees coming into Fort Morgan, Colorado have faced many difficulties. Some of these difficulties include education and language. When they immigrate into Fort Morgan they have little to no education and very limited English. When they come to the United States it is hard for them to adjust because of the very diverse environment. There are so many differences between their home and ours. It would be like if we went to Somalia or Kenya,

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  • The World 's Police By The United States

    opportunity and to make something of themselves or start over. Refugees see the U.S. as a last stop, the place where their lives will change for the better. After 9/11 people in the U.S. doesn’t want refugees to be allowed in, they think something horrible could happen. There is a stigma in the U.S. that all Muslims are terrorist, is become a stigma after 9/11. Anna Husarska, policy advisor at the International Rescue Committee, writes about how refugees who are victims of terrorist organizations are getting

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  • A Brief Note On The European Migrant / Refugee Crisis

    currently in place, such as the E.U.-Turkey deal, provide no actual relief to the migrant/refugees. As pointed out by the MSF many of the E.U. policies are targeted towards easing people away from European shores and not actually looking for a solution for the migrants or refugees.Adding to this lack of alleviation the United States has also been under much pressure to comply with its commitment to take in 85,000 refugees from the world. From that projected goal of 85,000 the State Department records from

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  • The Historical Development Of Refugees

    being, persecuted. Persecution in the case of refugees is hostility or ill-treatment based on whom an individual is or their beliefs (textbook). Most refugees come from war torn countries, where rebel groups and armies exploit and abuse civilian populations, and refugees flee from these harmful situations in search of safety (voices from the front line article). In order to fully understand what a refugee is in Canada, the historical development of refugees in Canada must be outlined, with specific attention

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  • The United Nations Refugee Convention

    the human rights of refugees." “In the early morning hours of August 21, 2013, rockets carrying chemical weapons struck outside the Syrian capital of Damascus, killing an estimated 1429 people, including 426 children” (O’Rourke 711). It is commonly believed that the Syrian government perpetrated this attack and it is only a glimpse to how violent and atrocious the Syrian Civil War is. Since the start of the war in March 2011, about 4.6 million Syrians have become refugees and 6.6 are displaced

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  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is Today 's Worst Humanitarian Emergency

    resulted in numerous debates regarding whether or not refugees should be allowed into America. Allowing refugees to come to America would not only benefit the refugees, but could also benefit America’s economy. By allowing refugees to seek refuge in the United States, they would be able to depart from their country of political unrest and meet their basic fundamental needs while also helping to be beneficial to the economy. The majority of refugees are struggling to meet the most basics needs such

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  • Essay on Refugees and Asylum In Islam

    migrants. According to the Islamic theory, there are teachings relating to forced displacement and refugees. The teachings are known as ‘hijraj law’. These laws are different from the other modern refugee laws as give maximum protection to refugees and asylum seekers. According to the teachings, the asylum seekers and the refugees were referred to as ‘mustamium’. According to the Islamic teachings, the refugees and asylum seekers were to be given protection. This was due to the political condition prevailing

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  • Australian History And Its Impact On Australia

    Throughout history many people have sought refuge in Australia, refugees started coming to Australia in the 1970’s, when one boat came onshore. This boat arrived in Darwin in April 1976 carrying five Indochinese men (Phillips, J 2013). Another 55 boats followed in the ensuing six years (History of Australia 's refugee program, 2012). This one boat has now changed Australian history and its way of life. Vietnamese people started coming to Australia in particular after the Vietnam War that finished

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  • Health Literacy And The Underlying Health Principles

    including refugees seeking asylum from Afghanistan. Client Needs (400 words) Australia has a long standing history of resettling Afghanistan refugees. In 2013-14, 6,500 visas were granted to refuges aboard who had applied to resettle in Australia, 39% of those were from Afghanistan REFERENCE. When Afghan refugees resettle in Australia there are a number of complex issues to be addressed if successful promotion of health is to be achieved. When accessing what barriers offset Afghan refugees accessing

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  • The Refugee Act Of 1948

    21, with relations to the Syrian crisis (Obama calls caring for refugees ‘American leadership’). A refugee is defined as a person outside his/her country of nationality who is unable or unwilling to return because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political group ( The very first refugees legislation was enacted by the US Congress in 1948 called the Displaced

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  • The Civil War : A Brutal War For Democracy

    conflict’’) . Although many of the refugees have fled to neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey; the UN has safely relocated many others in European countries. However, countries like the U.S and Canada are still very averse to accepting high numbers of Syrian refugees into their borders. Since the beginning of the Civil war in Syria, only around 2,000 refugees have been relocated in American soil. While some believe America should accept more Syrian refugees in the upcoming years, the safety

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  • Mental Health Needs Of A Refuges And Immigrant

    The topic, mental health needs of a refuges and immigrant helps explain the major problem and needs of a refugees and immigrants. The word refugee refers to an individual who ran away from his motherland in fear of being persecuted, for religious freedom, discrimination, civil war, or abuse of human right. In the year 2000, there was an estimate of 40 million refuges around the world, (Pumariega, Rothe, & Pumariega, 2005). In addition it was estimated by the United Nation Commission that one out

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  • Refugees And Mental Health Issues

    Refugees and mental health issues are one of the common impact of globalisation. Liu and Cheng(2011,p.44) explore the factors related to migration that it is increasing rapidly within one nation to other nation however some various reasons affect such as socio-economic, political, religious and pursuing a better job and higher education. There are some people called refugees who pass through the traumatic conditions and has fear to die therefore they seek out assistance from other safe country

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  • The Refugee Of A Refugee

    When defining what a refugee is, one must establish what type of refugee is being discussed. The types of refugees stem from the reason they came to be so. Refugees tend to be categorized as a singular type of person, however, this is incorrect. Not only are there refugees, but there are internally displaced persons (IDP), stateless persons, and asylum seekers. The UN Refugee Agency defines a refugee as “someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence”

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  • Affirmative Action And Refugees Of Color

    Affirmative Action and Refugees of Color: Starting the Conversation Dorian Brown Crosby Janita Bah ABSTRACT African Americans are the typical group that comes to mind when the words affirmative action are mentioned. Although white women were the initial benefactors of the policy, the most publicity surrounding its usage has come in the applications of African Americans and other marginalized groups into institutions of higher education. One of these marginalized groups is refugees. Scholars agree

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  • The Arc Of American History

    there is an almost-inevitable march toward greater civil liberties.” Civil liberties are the freedom of a citizen to exercise rights, without government interference. Every citizen of the United States is allowed right, but what about refugees? Ten-thousand Syrian refugees fleeing a war-torn country will be accepted into the United States. The big question within this debate is this right and should it be allowed, according the United States Constitution? This specific debate is not a debate on who is

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  • United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees

    individual. There are three distinctions of priority currently in use as according to the United States Citizenship and Immigration services: priority one, “cases that are identified and referred to the program by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a United States Embassy, or a designated non-governmental organization”; priority two, “groups of special humanitarian concern identified by the US refugee program”; and priority three, “family reunification cases. Once cases come through, they

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  • Syrian Refugees : Good Or Bad

    Syrian Refugees: Good or Bad Since the beginning of time, war has destroyed countries or destroyed conflicts; in the case of the 2011 civil war in Syria, it has brought about nothing but chaos and despair. Challenging the dictator Bashar al-Assad, protestors did not realize that the ongoing turmoil of a five year war would throw the world into desolation. America and many other countries have long had rivalries with Middle Easterners, and these issues still exist in the present. This confusion

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