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  • A Biography On Bill Clinton

    The book titled, “First in His Class, a Biography on Bill Clinton” was written by David Maraniss and published in 1995. Mr.Maraniss is on the national staff at The Washington Post, and his publishing’s won him the Pulitzer Prize in 1993. The book begins with the birth of Clinton and transpires in a chronological way covering Bill’s rise to the White House and how he specifically was able to triumph his way to becoming the first Baby Boomer as president. The book does not cite a lot of references

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  • William Shakespeare Biography

    What was Shakespeare Biography? Who was William Shakespeare? Where was he born? Where did he go to school? How did William Shakespeare live his life from the beginning to the ending? William Shakespeare’s life became a great mystery with lack of evidence to support any findings. His schooling, his family and parents will be revealed in my paper. Who were William Shakespeare’s parents? The parents of Mr. Shakespeare were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden Shakespeare. Mary Arden married William

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  • William Shakespeare Biography Essay

    Cited Ackroyd, Peter, ‘Shakespeare: the Biography’ Published in Great Britain, Published by Nan A Talese, year 2005, print. Mabillard, Amanda. Shakespeare Timeline Shakespeare Online. 20 Aug. 2000. (Web 8 December 2013) < >. Web 9 December 2013 Mabillard, Amanda. Shakespeare of Stratford: Shakespeare's Birth. Shakespeare Online. 12 Sept. 2000. < >. Web 10 December

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  • Bill Gates: Biography Essay

    Bill Gates: Biography William H. Gates Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corporation William (Bill) H. Gates is chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, the leading provider, worldwide, of software for the personal computer. Microsoft had revenues of $8.6 billion for the fiscal year ending June 1996, and employs more than 20,000 people in 48 countries. Born on October 28, 1955, Gates and his two sisters grew up in Seattle. Their father, William H. Gates II

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  • Biography of Allan Pinkerton Essay

    Biography of Allan Pinkerton Biography of Allan Pinkerton According to Hunt (2009), “This is a biography of Allan Pinkerton a pioneer and a leader in criminal investigation. He was born on August 25, 1819 in Glasgow, Scotland to William and Isabell Pinkerton. When he came to the U.S. he became a member of Chartists, a radical political group that advocates abolishment of slavery, better wages, and women's right, and met Joan his wife. In 1850, he created a detective agency which is named The

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  • James Madison Biography Essay


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  • Influence Of Biography On Work

    Influence of biography on work: William Wordsworth wrote poems that reflected upon his personal experiences. To illustrate the influences and the type of encouragement that he drew on to write his poetry, the main period to focus on was during the hard times in 1779-1789 in Hawkshead. While living with unfriendly relatives, Wordsworth would often find time and make trips to the country side where he was influenced by nature; this was the initially time where he received much recognition for his poetry

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  • The Biography of Buddha Essay

    of a consistent message, the texts just don’t always send that message the same way. The other trouble with identifying exact details about Buddha’s life is that there is no historical biography of Buddha, the entire story of his life is a combination of utilizing multiple sacred Buddhist texts to create a biography of the Buddha. There are multiple texts’ that account for Buddha’s dharma and document his final life, and his previous lives. These texts have been categorized into five different time

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  • A Foggy Biography Essay

    whiteness in the poem, signifying this was not necessarily about commoners going through a time of no clear-cut reality, but actually more of purity, or the end of times. Despite the thought of purity, Plath was very troubled in her life. The biography of Plath in The Norton Anthology of American Literature explains, “Plath’s well-known autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, has nothing of the brilliance of her poems, but it effectively dramatizes the stereotyping of women’s roles in the 1950’s

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  • Biography of Michael Jackson Essay

    Biography of Michael Jackson *Works Cited Not Included Artists have a special communion with the creative forces of the universe. Regardless of the medium of expression used, artists utilize creative energies to produce works of art, beauty and power for humanity to witness. This is evident in paintings, sculptures, films and other forms, but it is universally expressed and appreciated through music and dance. When an artist focuses on both of these forms, the rhythm flows from his heart to the

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  • Essay on Eric Whitacre Biography

    the Raymond C Brock Commission given by the American Choral Directors Association, awarded in 2001, as well as numerous other awards from the ACDA, the Barlow international composition competition, and American Composers' Forum. (Official Website Biography) Although Whitacre is known for his choral works, he also writes and composes for wind ensembles, full orchestras, a full musical titled "Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings", as well as pieces for solo voice and supporting instrumentals. The most known

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  • Biography of Jean Piaget Essay

    child is at the stage where they can take in the knowledge that is being shown to them in a correct and positive manner. Works Cited Jean Piaget Biography. (2014, January 1). Retrieved May 16, 2014, from Smith, L. (2000, November 1). A Brief Biography of Jean Piaget. . Retrieved May 16, 2014, from Piaget's Stages. (2014, January 1). . Retrieved May 16, 2014, from

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  • Bob Marley Biography Essay

    1. "Bob Marley Bio." Bob Marley Bio. 12 May 2008 . 2. "Bob Marley Biography." Bob Marley Biography. 12 May 2008 . 3. Cridlin, Erin. "Biography of Bob Marley." Biography of Bob Marley. 12 May 2008 . 4. Ghare, Madhavi. "Bob Marley Biography." Bob Marley Biography. 5 June 2007. 12 May 2008 . 5. Marley, Rita

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  • Constantine The Great: Biography Essay

    com/homeworkhelp/socialstudies/web-resources.html>. • "Emperor Constantine." The Roman Empire. Web. 20 Sept. 2011. . • "Diocletian Biography |" | Study Guides, Lesson Plans, Book Summaries and More. Web. 20 Sept. 2011. .

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  • Biography of Niccolo Machiavelli Essay

    Biography of Niccolo Machiavelli Niccolo Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy on May 3rd 1469. As an Italian historian, statesman, political philosopher, and a diplomat during the renaissance, Machiavelli was a man who lived his life for politics and patriotism. As a patriotic Florentine, he was a firm believer in that Florence was the most important state, and should have a strong government, as Italy was divided into states where much political upheaval was occurring

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  • Biography John Kerry Essay

    Biography Family backround John F. Kerry was born on December 11, 1943 at Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Aurora, Colorado outside Denver. His father, Richard Kerry, was an Army Air Corps test pilot during World War Two and his mother, Rosemary Kerry, also served during that war in the Red Cross in Paris. Childhood years Kerry’s family returned to their home state of Massachusetts shortly after his birth. Because his father was a Foreign Service Office the family moved often when John was young

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  • Biography of Michael Jackson Essay

    effects, and a voice-over by actor Vincent Price. The video for “Thriller” became immensely popular, boosting sales for the already popular album. (Michael Jackson Biography) It stayed on the charts for 80 weeks holding the No. 1 spot for 37 weeks. Thriller earned 12 Grammy Award nominations and won 8 of those awards. (Michael Jackson Biography) Jackson received Grammy Awards for best rhythm and blues song, best pop vocal and best rock vocal. The songs that won him those awards were “Billie Jean,”

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  • Biography of Albert Einstein Essays

     The Biography Of Albert Einstein. Early Life Einstein was Born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm Württemberg Germany. Albert Einstein grew up in a middle-class Jewish family. His father Hermann Einstein, was a salesman and engineer who with his brother founded Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Cie. A company that manufactured electrical equipment in Munich, Germany. His mother, the former

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  • Biography : George Orwell 's Biography

    Biography: George Orwell George Orwell is an English novelist who was born in India in 1903. He was the son of a British civil servant. George spent one year in India after he was born and went to England with his mom and siblings. He loved to write at an early age. He wrote his first poem when he was around the age of four. When he was eight, George was sent to boarding school. It was there where George noticed that richer students got treated better than poor students. He read many books with

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  • Essay on Jack London Biography

    Jack London : Biography      "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club" (BrainyQuote). This is one of Jack London's more well known quotes. Jack London was born as John Griffith Chaney on January 12, 1876, in San Francisco("Jack London"). His mother was Flora Wellman and his father was suspected to be astrologer William H. Chaney, who denied his paternity and abandoned London's mother(Wilson). London was suckled, or nursed, by an ex-slave named Virginia Prentiss, who

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  • The Biography Of My Life

    The Biography Of My Life. When I was a kid I used to live in chicago. I went to the elementary school called Henry Elementary School. It was a good school. My favorite teacher was Ms.Neecie because, she taught me how to write in cursive and the history of Harriet Tubman. She was a really cool and fun teacher. She made learning history really fun. She would have my classmates and I do a play on Harriet Tubman. When I was a teenager my parents decided to move to Round Lake. We moved to

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  • Essay on Maya Angelou Biography

    Maya Angelou Biography Maya Angelou is an amazing American author, poet, entertainer, actress, playwright, producer and director, historian and civil rights activist. She is best known for her portrayals of strong African American women. Born April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. Maya Angelou's given name was Marguerite Johnson, Maya and her brother Bailey spent most of their childhood living with their grandmother in rural Arkansas. Maya grew up in Stamps and learned what it was like to

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  • Essay on Biography of Clara Schumann

    beginning, Clara’s father, Friedrich Wieck, a well respected German music teacher, intended for her to become a famous musician (Harding, 9). At a young age, he recognized that Clara had the gift of music. According to Bertita Harding, who wrote a biography of Clara Schumann, Wieck took cues from Mozart, in hopes to turning his daughter into a well known child prodigy. He began to rigorously train and cultivate Clara’s natural talent at the age of five and turned it into something extraordinary (Harding

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  • Biography of Adolf Hitler Essay

    . -Pillai, Maya. "Adolf Hitler's Childhood." Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web. Web. 02 May 2010. . - Stokes, Phil. "Adolf Hitler Biography." Second World War. Web. 03 May 2010. .

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  • Theodore Roosevelt Biography Essay

    It's no doubt that he is one of the best presidents the US has had. His amazing natural parks and other important measures will never be forgotten. "Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt Works Cited Theodore Roosevelt Biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 05 Feb. 2014 Freidel, Frank, and Hugh Sidey. "Theodore Roosevelt." The White House. The White House, 2006. Web. 05 Feb. 2014. "Theodore Roosevelt." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 02 Jan. 2014. Web.

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  • Essay on Jeremy Bentham Biography

    Name: Professor: Class: Business Ethics March 30, Jeremy Bentham Short Biography The famous philosopher and political annalist Jeremy Bentham was born into a family of attorneys, eventually following into their footsteps and studying law. While he never pursued his learned trade, he focused his interest onto analyzing and reconstructing English law. This passion allowed him to simplify the existing laws reducing them to a simple cause and effect theory. The utilitarian model was

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  • Biography of Irving Berlin Essay

    Musicals Show by Show. 7th. Milwaukee: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, 2011. Print. (Green and Ginell ) Kenrick, John. Musical Theatre A History. New York: The Continuum International Publishing Group, 2008. Print. "Irving Berlin." 2014. The Biography Channel website. Mar 29 2014, 05:06

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  • Biography of Karl Marx Essay

    Biography of Karl Marx 15Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818 to Heinrich and Henrietta Marx in the historical city of Trier. Karl was one of seven children raised within a comfortable middle class home provided by his father. Marx’s father worked as a counselor-at-law at the High-Court of Appeal in Trier. David McClellan believes that, “Trier first imbued Marx with his abiding passion for history.”1 Although the Marx family was linked to a long lineage of Jewish ancestry, Heinrich

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  • Biography of Euripides Essay

    Chapter 1: Euripides Biography Part 1: Bob Prescott Euripides lived in a very mysterious time. We know so little about the era in which he lived because of the loss of many ancient manuscripts at the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Given this massive loss of knowledge of the pre-modern world, it is hard to cobble together a full biography of Euripides. There is, however quite a lot of information known about him. This is known due to the fact that Euripides is a character in some of Aristophanes’

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  • Cam Newton Biography Essay

    Stevens 1 Biography of Cam Newton By: Heath Stevens Heath Stevens 9/9/12 Gardner-Webb University Dr. Lisa Cantrell English 102-C Stevens 2 Thesis- Cam Newton is a phenomenal quarterback who has overcame many obstacles in his personal life in order to be where he is today. Outline I. Introduction II. High School III. College IV. NFL V. Conclusion Stevens 3 Cameron Jerrell Newton, or Cam as he is better known, was born on May 11, 1989 to Cecil Newton Sr

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  • Nelson Mandela - Biography Essay

    Leader Biography: Nelson Mandela Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18, 1918. He was born in Transkei, a small farming village in South Africa. He was the only child to attend school in his family. During his education he became interested in African history and he decided that he wanted to be a political activist. When he turned sixteen years old he decided that it was time for him to take action towards racial segregation by Apartheid leaders. He would eventually formulate his resolve

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  • A Brief Biography On Sylvia Plath

    A Brief Biography on Sylvia Plath Sylvia Plath was one of the few twentieth century poets that had the ability to create verisimilitude in a way that her audience could understand exactly what she was feeling, thinking, and experiencing during the time she was writing her works. Due to the fact that her writing tended to be dark and depressing, focusing mainly on death, alienation, and self-destruction it can be assumed that Plath had a very negative attitude and perspective towards life, which

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  • Biography Maria Montessori Essay

    Chiaravalle, Italy on August 31, 1870. Though most of the information on Maria's childhood seems to be uncertain, with disagreeing dates, contradictions and omissions, I found a majority of the information about her childhood in Maria Montessori: A Biography by Rita Kramer (1976). Her father was Alessandro Montessori who was "an old fashioned gentleman of conservative temper and military habits." (Kramer, 1976, p. 22). He was a soldier in his youth and a civil servant later in life. Her mother was a

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  • A Very Brief Political Biography

    A Very Brief Political Biography Growing up I had a primarily political upbringing outside of my own household (my parents were largely apolitical). From the age of four I recall memories of listening to political discussions between extended relatives, of whom I was both close to in geographical proximity as well as viewing them in close moral proximity to purity of intentions and spirit. These relatives were steeped in the some of the most conservative traditions of American politics which

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  • A Biography Of The Millennium

    Biography of the Millennium Albert Einstein was number eight on the list of 100 people of the millennium. Einstein was one of the most renowned scientists of the 20th century. With Einstein 's imagination and insight it allowed him to bring advances in theoretical physics. Einstein’s work began to be recognized and later on his research during World War I became popular. Einstein published a theory of relativity. He created famous equation E = MC^2, meaning that energy and matter is equal to its

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  • Essay on Biography of Princess Elizabeth

    Biography of Princess Elizabeth Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. When the little Princess was born on Sunday, the seventh of September, 1533, few could have predicted the glittering life ahead of her. Her birth was undoubtedly a great disappointment to her father, and a political disaster for her mother and all her supporters. For many years, Henry's main goal in life had been to father a healthy son to succeed him to the throne of England. Despite

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  • Walt Disney : Long Biography

    personality everyone enjoyed. Walt started drawing cartoons when he was a little boy (“ Walt Disney: Long Biography”). Walt attended several different art institutes, to learn more about drawing (“ Walt Disney: Long Biography”). Walt enjoyed creating new animated characters, and being the voices for a couple of them. Walt got lung cancer from several years of smoking (“Walt Disney - Biography - IMDb”). Walt Disney was a big kid at heart who lived a great legacy that will be told for years to come

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  • Biography of Gregor Mendel Essay

    Biography of Gregor Mendel Gregor Mendel is considered the father of the discipline of Genetics. It is ironic that he bears this exposition, because Gregor Mendel never used the term gene or genetics in his life. It was not until 1905, twenty-one year after Mendel's death, that William Bateson baptized Mendel's work as genetics. Like many brilliant minds before him, Mendel was ahead of his era; his findings were ignored for nearly thirty years. Gregor was of peasant upbringings; his father

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  • Food Biography ' Bread '

    Food Biography Bread is one of the most staple foods in so many different cultures. There’s the standard American white bread, Jewish Challah, Indian Naan, and so on and so forth. In a wider lens, bread is a language in itself; a language that has always intrigued me/spoken to me. Since I was little, about 3 or 4, I’ve been… intrigued by bread, to say the least. It may’ve had something to do with the fact that bread was the first ‘real food’ to actually enter my mouth. While I may not be able

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  • Biography of Abigail Adams Essay

    Biography of Abigail Adams Abigail Adams helped plant the seeds that would start women and men thinking about women's rights and roles in a country that had been founded on the ideals of equality and independence. Introduction Abigail Adams was born Abigail Smith on November 22, 1744, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, a farm community about fifteen miles southeast of Boston. Her family on both sides had lived in the colonies for several generations and was well established in the more influential

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  • Essay on Biography of Allen Pinkerton

    Biography of Allan Pinkerton Jada Schmal CJS/250 January 11, 2015 Vernon Hale III Biography of Allan Pinkerton Allan Pinkerton did not start out in law enforcement but changed after finding a gang of counterfeiters. Began a detective agency which focused on railroad theft cases. Later, in Pinkerton’s career Allan moved to bank robbers, but still dealt with railroad thieves. Pinkerton began with a small group of night watchmen to offer protection for the night. Allan Pinkerton did not start

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  • Biography Essay

    B oB Marley  Recent Titles in Greenwood Biographies Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Bography Louise Krasniewicz and Michael Blitz Blle Holday: A Bography Meg Greene Elvs Presley: A Bography Kathleen Tracy Shaqulle O’Neal: A Bography Murry R. Nelson Dr. Dre: A Bography John Borgmeyer Bonne and Clyde: A Bography Nate Hendley Martha Stewart: A Bography Joann F. Price Mchael Jordan: A Bography David L. Porter Alex Rodrquez: A Bography Wayne Stewart Steven Spelberg:

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  • Christine Jorgensen Biography Essay

    Christine Jorgensen Biography Christine Jorgensen (May 30, 1926 – May 3, 1989) was the first widely known person to have sex reassignment surgery - in this case, male to female. She was born George William Jorgensen, Jr., the second child of George William Jorgensen Sr., a carpenter and contractor, and his wife, the former Florence Davis Hansen. She grew up in the Bronx and later described herself as having been a "frail, tow-headed, introverted little boy who ran from fistfights and rough-and-tumble

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  • Xinbo Mao : A Religious Biography

    Xinbo Mao: A Religious Biography Xinbo grew up in a complicated environment. His mother was a devoted Buddhist so he had contact with the concepts of religions when he was very young. However, he was taught to believe in only science during his years in Chinese schools. Xinbo’s uniqueness lies in his sophisticated and contradictory experiences in Chines religious world. Getting in Touch with Religion “I can still remember my mom burning joss sticks before the statue of a Deity” Xinbo’s mother

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  • Biography of Abraham Maslow Essay

    teacher, Mr. Wayne Cook, and of course, Mr. Abraham Harold Maslow. References Goble, Frank G. (1970) The Third Force: The Psychology of Abraham Maslow. United Kingdom: Viking Publishing. Hoffman, Edward (1989) The Right to Be Human: A Biography of Abraham Maslow. New York: Harper Collins Publishers. Maslow, Abraham H. (1994) Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences. New York: Penguin Books USA Inc. Maslow, Abraham H. (1993) The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (An Esalen Book). New

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  • Sid Vicious Biography Essay

    even if they’re a good person. Just as Sid Vicious once said “We're really quite nice and friendly, but everyone has a beastly side to them, don't they?” (Sid Vicious Quotes). Works Cited A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. (n.d.). "Sid Vicious Biography.". Retrieved Nov. 14 , 2013, from : "Sid Vicious.". (n.d.). Retrieved Nov. 14, 2013, from Sid Vicious: Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral history

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  • Essay on Biography of T.S. Eliot

    Biography of T.S. Eliot TS Eliot once made a rash decision of ditching his fiancé in American and marrying Vivien Haigh-Wood after only a couple months of meeting. It soon came back to bite him because their marriage became very unstable and both soon had mental breakdowns. This did although produce his greatest works (“TS Eliot’s Life and Career”)… Thomas Stearns Eliot was born on the 26th of September, 1888, in St. Louis Missouri. He was the youngest of his six siblings. His parents are Henry

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  • Biography of Abraham Lincoln Essay

    Biography of Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born Sunday, February 12, 1809, in a log cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky. His parents names were Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. They named him after his grandfather. Abraham’s grandfather had been killed by Indians long before Abraham had been born. Both of his parents were born in Virginia. Abraham had an older sister and a younger brother. His younger brother was named Thomas but he died in infancy. Abraham’s sisters name was Sarah. Abraham’s

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  • Mark Twain : The Biography

    Mark Twain: The Biography of Mark Twain Born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Though he was raised in Missouri, Mark Twain family originated from Kentucky (Bloom 6). Ancestry interested Samuel Clemens as it did his mother, though the history of the family lines on both sides is sketchy. On the Clemens side, the name appears in an ancient book by the Suetonius. The authors mother, Jane Lampton, took pride in what she believed to be her family ancestry. Her father’s side traced their origins to the Lamptons

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  • Biography of Abigail Adams Essay

    Biography of Abigail Adams Abigail Adams was an amazing American. She was born in 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts colony. In 1764 she married John Adams, who later became the second President of the United States. She was the first president’s wife to live in the White House. Abigail Adams was born on November 11, 1744. She lived in Weymouth, MA in the parsonage. It was a big house with many rooms. Abigail lived with her parents William and Elizabeth Quincy Smith. She had two sisters

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