Women's Gender History Essay

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With the change of the society from the primitive period to technological globalized world, people tend to believe that men and women have the equal rights in workplace or domestic life. But it does not happen so. Women have always been the second class to the man because of the inequality in wages, workplace and domestic life. Women movement started after the late 19th century and early 20th century but the involvement of women in the political events in the past goes far beyond the history. Most of the chronological event of the history is written in the male’s perspective. That’s why feminist historians tend to focus only women in women’s history.
What is Women’s history? Many people will state that it is the study about the role of
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It is also insist female agency to work for history. Feminist historians have documented the lives of women from the past with the information that challenged and received interpretation of particular periods. “Her-Story” gathers information and evidence to interpreting their actions in major political and social event. Her-story also challenges received interpretation of progress and regress.
People tends to state that Democratic revolution for the freedom and rights of the people, the social change, industrialization has brought more equality between male and female but it’s the exact opposite, these events did not lead to women’s liberation either in workplace and domestic life and the nuclear family constrained women emotional and personal development and the rise of medical science. Her-story illuminates the structure of women to discover the nature of women from different class, race and world. relationship between sexes (Scott,pg )
Women’s history focused narrowly excluding male on women whereas gender study tends to define those women and men are defined in terms of one another and both man and female needs to be study together. There will be no understanding of the history if they are study separately. Women scholars states that the study of women would not only add new subject but would also force a critical reexamination of the premises and standard of existing scholar

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