Wireless Speech Recognition Essay

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Wireless Speech Recognition


In today's ever changing world, full of technology, there are many advances being made in the world of computing. This can be seen a great deal in the area of speech recognition. Machines, computers specifically, are interacting more and more with humans and these interactions can now be driven by human speech. For this technology to be used at its highest potential it will have to be affordable and accessible to all people in all types of machines. This technology will be seen from handheld computers and personal computers to lighting systems and refrigerators in your home(Deroult). This transformation is already occurring as speech recognition technology is making its way into our society in
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Speech recognition was often viewed as a way to give visually impaired and disabled people access to computers. This view has changed and speech recognition has become a reality, not just for users with disabilities working on computers, but for all types of users on all types of machines. However, it is still greatly focused on helping people with disabilities gain access to many functions of computers that normal users have.

What was seen for a long time as something far off in time, and space age has become a reality and the future is now with speech recognition. It is no longer looked at as a frivolous tool or a tool only for the disabled. It has also made its way out of the realm of personal computing into society. For a long time speech recognition was viewed as only a tool that would be used on a computer, this is now not even close to the truth. Speech recognition in computers compromises a very small percentage of the advantages of this technology.

The Wireless Speech Technology of Today

Today's wireless speech recognition systems are remarkable in the way they communicate with the user. Instead of the days of old where the user had to adapt their style of speech to fit the computer, now the computer adapts to the user. The technology is a completely human-centric technology and is becoming more and more centered around human beings.

Today's technologies train the machine to learn how the user talks, and

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