Willy Loman's Lonely Character in Death of a Salesman Essay

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Willy Loman's Lonely Character in Death of a Salesman

Willy Loman died the death of a salesman. He did not, however, die the death of popular man. No one cared when he committed suicide. Willy should be looked upon with sympathy. Though he was a respectable man, no one noticed. He worked hard his entire life. He would drive many miles trying to support his wife and kids, and they still did not appreciate him. Loman is simply a disappointed, lonely, and misunderstood man. These qualities should make the reader feel sympathy for Mr. Loman as he has experienced more than anyone will ever realize.

First, the reader should feel sorrow for Loman because he is disappointed with many aspects of his life. First, he is disappointed in his
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Hap actually has a job and a place of his own. He is the more successful of the Loman brothers. Hap also shows much more compassion for his father with his problems throughout the play. Willy is also disappointed in his work life and feels he is being mistreated. Willy is shown to be a loyal man in that he has worked for the same company for so long that he gave his current boss as a child. He says that Howard?s father promised him a promotion, but he never received it.he same company for so long that he gace his current boss the name H He was looked over for the promotion, and it was given to Howard instead. He still travels all over, even in his old age. He believes that he should be stationed in his hometown. His lack of sales may have hindered him from being promoted. He feels that he has been overlooked again. Again, much of this information comes from Willy. His mind is so unstable that is it not known how accurate this information is. If it is true, Willy tried to follow the "American Dream," but he never quite succeeded. Instead, he was left with a mountain of disappointment.

The second quality that allows the reader to feel sorry for Willy is that he is very lonely. This is proven by him cheating on his wife. Many men do not simply have affairs for no reason. If he was getting what he needed at home, there would have be no reason for an affair. Some people look upon this affair as a horrible deed. It should be looked upon as a cry for help. He was

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