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Willie Nelson, most commonly known for his musical abilities, is one of the most influential country western artist to ever pick up a guitar. From the start of Nelson’s life he faced deep troubles, one major problem was both parents leaving him to be raised by his Grandparents. Nelson shows great talent due to his many problems in his personal life, one in which left him close to bankrupt and others putting him in jail. Despite all the obstacles, he was able to go and become one of the greatest artists alive.

Once rejected as a country music singer, he turned around to become one of the most influential songwriters to date. Willie Hugh Nelson was born on April, 30, 1933, in Abbott Texas. Raised in the midst of the Great
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He decided to return back to his hometown in Abbott and continue playing music in local pubs. Soon after, Nelson was married and began to live paycheck to paycheck. Nelson was once noted in saying, “We’d live in one place a month, then pack up and leave when the rent would come due.” 50 cents a night wasn’t cutting it. It came clear to him that he had to pick it up and find a better job.

After moving to Houston, Texas, Nelson began to sell his songs to artists. Nelson had been making a collection of songs since the 1950s and it was now 1958. “Family bible” was the first song sold for $50. He then sold the hit “Night Life” which went on to be covered by over 70 artists. All the money Nelson was collecting was leaving his hands just as fast as it was gained. In 1962, Willie Nelson’s first wife filed for divorce and took the kids, one year later he married Shirley Collie. The couple moved off to Nashville where Nelson continued his career. While on the road, Nelson met his soon to be third wife, Connie Koepke. Once his wife Shirley found out she was quick to pack and leave, letting Connie take her place.

With little to no success in Nashville, Nelson decided it was time to move to Austin, in 1971, which was becoming known as the “outlaw state.” His music career began to boom and he soon released his most successful album Shotgun Willie. This album went on to sell more than all of his previous albums combined. Following a

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