William Wordsworth and the Mortality of the Imagination Essay

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Analysis of Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, The Prelude, The World is Too Much with Us, and London, 1802 One of our greatest fears is the fear of death. Immortality is something any of us would take in a heartbeat, so we do not have to face death. But this is something that we cannot run away from. Mortality is an unpleasant thought that sits in the back of our minds form our day to day lives. Yet, this fear is something that is developed more over time as we grow older. Children believe that the world is such a wonderful place, they fell invincible. They also have wonderful creative skills and imaginations which is often revealed to us when they can play one game for hours at one time. Yet, as a child ages, this …show more content…
For I have learned / to look on nature.” (Pg. 783, lines 83-89). This is Wordsworth expressing that we need to look more into nature, or not rely on technology as much because our imagination can vanish and we wouldn’t even know if it was gone. Also, his mentioning of Tintern Abbey cathedral also reveals this according to John Peters, “In a sense, Wordsworth does not refer to the abbey in the poem because he does not see it-not because the abbey is not there, nor because Wordsworth cannot see it, but because the abbey has become again a part of the natural landscape. The abbey is no longer a human-made object set against nature but rather a natural object in the midst of nature; it has disappeared into the landscape.” (Peters, John G). This is Wordsworth’s way of returning to nature. Secondly, this fear of losing our creativity is also an element in The Prelude. This poem is mainly about Wordsworth’s optimistic views of the French Revolution, but then something awful dashed his hopes. This tragic event was the Reign of Terror, a tragedy that plagued the nation. However, his fear of losing his imagination and creativity is revealed within the poem when he writes, “From their beginnings, inasmuch as drawn / out of a hear that had been turned aside / From Nature’s way by outward accidents” (Pg. 788, Lines 68-70). This is stating that we have turned from nature, but by accident. See, when life just

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