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My Historical figure name is John Glenn. He was born in Ohio on July 18 1921 and Is now still living at an Ohio teaching part time at Ohio state. John Glenn is a big part of history and these are some of the things he did to get there.(1.)

John Glenn attends New Concord High School. He complete all of his grades according to John Glenn teachers, he was a great student they said he always got his work done and the only thing he evered talked about was going to space and becoming an astronaut.(2.)

John attended Muskingum University college. He got a bachelor of science degree in engineering this got him even closer of becoming an astronaut. He loved his college, he said if he could of gone back, he would.(2.)

John Glenn attended
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John left college and joined the military. He became a Marine pilot. He flew combat missions in the Pacific later Glenn trained pilots and then flew in the Korean war. After Korea he became a test pilot. In 1957 he set a speed record for flying across the U.S traveling at 726 mph.(2.)

After returning from World War 2 John Glenn was assigned to a marine squadron VMJ-353, flying R4D transport planes. John Glenn eventually managed a transfer to VMF-155 as an F4U Corsair fighter pilot, and flew 59 combat missions in the south pacific

John Glenn returned to NAS Patuxent River, appointed to the Test Pilot School (class 12). John Glenn served as an armament officer, flying planes to high altitude and testing their cannons and machine guns. On July 16, 1957 , Glenn completed the first supersonic transcontinental flight in a Vought F8U-1P Crusader.

On July 1962 John Glenn testified before the House Space Committee in favor of excluding women from NASA. John believed that everyone should be able to join NASA and become an astronaut.

He went to the fullest extent to make sure anyone and everyone can get into NASA with no problems and If they couldn't get into NASA John made sure that they got in so they can do want they want and to complete their dreams and succeed in life.

So when everyone found out John Glenn was Trying to let women into NASA some people came to support him and some came to hate down on the ones who

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