Why Gay Marriage Should be Banned in Georgia Essay

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Georgia has always been a state where family values and community issues are important in our society. Many people that live in the southern United States have always been historically for conservative and or republican based values, this typically involves as christan background and faith which therefore the people of Georgia would not support because most people are Christians. Also there is a code of natural law that must be taken into consideration with regards to legalizing gay marriage in Georgia. The last and final issue that must be looked at by the state is how they impose their rights to society based off of influential media. Overall Georgian’s should not legalize gay marriage in our state, because gay marriage violates …show more content…
Georgia should not have to face the same level of destruction because of our belief systems as a state. Overall, legalizing gay marriage in the state of Georgia would be a horrific mistake because we are known as being a moral state of influence to our communities and this would shed a poor example if we decided to let it be legal in a Bible belt state. Next by having Georgia legalizing gay marriage in our state, it would be disturbing a natural law of the universe. Nature by definition through the works of god created man, and women to procreate the earth and to create laws of attraction within our beings to attracted to the opposite gender. Furthermore in the animal kingdom, people should not be attracted to the same gender because it goes against the laws of nature. These laws were created to ensure our survival, by allowing same sex marriages in our state, not only is it un-natural in nature but you are sterilizing the population by not having the opportunity for population growth naturally. Children would be artificially induced or the works of science in the terms of test tube children would be then a popular option if gay marriage was allowed. Therefore, if we want to ensure our survival and to not violate our natural code of attraction, then gay marriage should be banned in Georgia because it is not natural for our

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