Why Do I Continue to Have Bad Days? Essay example

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I don’t have days like this often. Normally I sleep very little and am very productive when I’m awake. Most of the time, I’m working, whether that is a case or a pretty girl doesn’t really matter, both can easily catch and hold my attention. When not working, I tend to be training to keep my skills up. I’m not getting any younger and although I never lose and would never admit it out loud, the fights are getting tougher. But my main love now is cooking; tending to my garden with my fruits and vegetables and herbs and then experimenting in the kitchen. Most people think it’s strange that someone like me can take the time to care for and nurture a garden but I love it. It’s one of the reasons I will always live in a house with a big yard and …show more content…
Why can’t I just let them stand on their own two feet, after all it isn’t like they’re helpless?
Parker has some amazing strength and if she caught me off guard I have no doubt she’d be able to knock me down, her choke hold is amazing. Hardison, okay, maybe he couldn’t fight but I’m sure he could talk himself out of almost any situation since he can talk himself into almost any situation. If all else failed I’m sure he’d hack something and cause enough of a commotion that his assailants would get distracted and he could run away. I know Nate can handle himself, he’s proved that more than once and Sophie, sweet innocent, butter wouldn’t melt Sophie. She could probably talk two bad guys into killing each other rather than her, or more likely, she’d have them worshiping at her feet rather than hurting her. The team will be fine without me, they’ll survive, I know this. I don’t like the feeling of not being needed, but I know they would find ways to survive and adapt if I wasn’t around; if I decided to stay in this bed forever.
But I know I would never forgive myself if something did happen to them and I wasn’t there to stop it. That is my job after all; I take the punishment so they don’t have to. It’s what you do for the people you care about.
So why do I have these days when I just don’t want to move; don’t want to think and would quite happily stay in my bed sleeping or eat my own weight in junk food?
Aimee once told me I should go speak to someone about it, she said

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