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White Fang

     During peoples lives they can be influenced due to the emotions and feelings around them. In the book White Fang by Jack London, White Fang is influenced by three different emotions. The first influence on White Fang was the wild. Another influence on White Fang was fear. A third influence on White Fang was pure hatred. These influences can all be related to similar emotions in my life.

The wild’s influence on White Fang is similar to influences in my life. The wild influenced White Fang many different ways throughout his life. One way that the wild has influenced White Fang was when he was a young pup and coming out of the cave for the first time, all the sounds and things that he
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White Fang’s dealings with fear has changed his life in many different ways. One example of fear happened when White Fang ran into the weasel right after he had got out of his cave. He had never really known pain before. Another example of fear came during the battle between White Fangs mother and the lynx. White Fang was angry at first but after having his shoulder split to the bone he became filled with fear. The third and most dramatic showing of fear was while his new master, Weedon Scott had left for the summer. White Fang was so afraid of loosing the love master that he did not eat or sleep for weeks. "White Fang, who had never known sickness in his life, became sick. He became very sick - so sick that Matt was finally compelled to bring him inside the cabin"(218). This shows how White Fangs fear of loosing Scott takes over his body to the pint were he can no longer survive by himself. These are all ways that fear has influenced White Fangs life.

     Fear has also played a major role in the decisions that I have made throughout my life. One example of how fear has influenced my life happened a long time ago. I fell into our nabeors pool and sucked in about half of the water, after I was sent to the hospital, I stayed out of the water for about three years. Another example of fears influence on me happens every time I go Wakeboarding, when ever I try to

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