Essay on What Should Be Taken in Consideration When Naming a Baby?

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Names give us a sense of identification. Naming a baby is a very important step during a women’s pregnancy. It is a big decision that you and your partner must make. Not only can this step be so important and stressful but it can also be exciting. You will put a lot of thought into different names before you find the perfect one. You should take your time deciding which name will be right for your baby. Make sure when you finally figure out a name, you and your partner both like and agree on it. So the real questions are how would you go about naming your baby? What should you take in consideration when naming your baby? The name that will be given to your baby will be something that he/she will walk this Earth with and will reflect …show more content…
Weird names that you thought were cool at the time might not be for when he or she steps out into the real world and tries to get a job. There is a possibility that they might have to change their name so that they would fit in with the corporate or academic societies. Names tend to impact first impressions and people are all about being quick to judge and first impressions. You want other people to take your child seriously. Let your child’s name have a positive meaning to it. Make your child feel good about himself/herself with a name that has a good meaning to it. Most names have meanings to them. You just need to do some research to find out the meaning of the name that you have chosen. Make sure that the meaning of your baby’s name doesn’t mean, “The stump of a tree” and makes your child feel ashamed of the name. When naming your child, keep in mind the feelings that are brought about whenever your child hears his or her own name. Ask yourself questions like, “Will this name be something that my child will be proud of?” Or “Will this be something that my child is ashamed to hear?” Children can be brutal with their words. You wouldn’t want your child to get hurt or made fun of because of his or her name. Think of the initials that the name makes or what the name could rhyme with. For example, Andrew Shawn Smith, your child would be picked on for the rest of his life because of what his initials spell out. Find different

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