What´s Procurament Management Essay

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During the order to know the procurement documents, it is important to understand the expression Procurement Management. Procurement is the purchase of services and goods at the best probable price to meet a purchaser's require in terms of quantity, quality, dimensions and site. Information Gathering:
A prospective customer first researches suppliers, who convince requirements for the product desired. Information gathering activities are processes used to get hold of information on the availability of goods or services, the accessibility of prospective suppliers, and the level of attention in the opportunity. These activities are not aggressive processes as they are not requesting quotes or proposals. Accordingly, if
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If the notice of intent process identifies that there are other existing, qualified, and interested suppliers, a competitive process will end result.

Supplier Contact:
While a probable supplier has been identified, the customer requests for quotations, proposals, information and tender. This may be done during advertisements or through direct contact with the supplier.
Procurements and the resulting contracts must be managed correctly and effectively. Payments must be made in agreement with provisions of the contract. All invoices must include detailed information sufficient to warrant payment. Every overpayment should be recovered in a timely manner. Supplier performances have to be managed and documented, and any performance issues must be addressed. To handle disputes with suppliers during the life of the contract, Organizations should contain a dispute resolution process in their contracts.
For services, organizations must: Establish clear terms of reference for the assignment. The terms should include objectives, background, scope, constraints, staff responsibilities, tangible deliverables, timing, progress reporting, approval requirements, and knowledge transfer requirements.

Background Review:
The customer nowadays examines references for the goods/services concerned and may also consider samples of the goods/services. In a background review phase

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