Essay on What Makes an Outstanding Leader?

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What makes a fantastic leader? There are many different supporting parts of becoming a great leader but, the most important figure would have to be the ability to take action. Taking action provides the ability to move forward. Without action nothing would happen and people would stand still. A leader must have the ability to see an opportunity and press on to use such an occasion to the fullest value. Most opportunities do not just present themselves. There must be plans of action that must be made to make opportunities. A great leader must take action to progress their group to success. To become a great leader one must see an opportunity when it may present its self and seize it. If someone does not take advantage of an …show more content…
What separates the good leaders from the great leaders is the ability to pull off such a plan. If someone made a plan it is mainly preferable at least to their group to complete the plan to the expectation. These situations can be linked to dedication and hard work, just like when Bill Gates was younger. Over Bill Gates career he started in a garage and eventually ended up quitting college to kick Microsoft above and beyond. As stated in an article it took Bill Gates “years and years of hard work before kicking it off” (Arora, Pulkit). Although taking action is needed to progress, a good leader should know when to and when to not take action. In a lot of cases taking action can be excellent and excel the progression. In other situations taking action can be terrible idea and create problems, which may plummeting the original goal of that assembly. If a bad decision is made and followed through that could strike a fatal blow to the group. Most of these possible paths of action to the regular person may look like a good plan or opportunity but, to someone that has great leadership skill and knowledge would be able to tell if that were the case or not. Sometimes action can mean more than aggressing and staying ahead though that is still a main goal. When a leader wants to take action he or she must be sure that

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