What Makes an Effective Manager? Essay

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Robbins (1997) defines managers as those who are all oversee the activities of other people with the purpose of accomplishing organizational goals. Therefore, in order to provide organizations with the best outcome, effective managers are urgently needed for modern organization. This is simply because, according to Hunsaker (2001), that the increasing recognition is given to the importance of having managers with strong interpersonal skills rather than, that twenty years ago, managers were only valued primarily for their technical know-how.

There is an endless list of skills that the managers should have in order to be effective, but the 4 basic skills that discussed by Robbins and Decenzo in their book are conceptual
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However, in reality, such skills are not gained in a short time or from a single event, it takes managers many years or even a life time to reach the certain level, effective managers are learning everyday through their working life. Knowledge and experience are both essential in order to have outstanding conceptual skills..

Interpersonal skills:

Mary Parker Follett defined managers as: "Getting things done by other people." Without good interpersonal skills, managers are not able to pass their thoughts to his subordinates; this is simply because subordinates might either do not understand or reluctant to do what is on offer. Therefore, Hunsaker (2001) pointed out: "because managers rely on others to get things done, they must have good interpersonal skills in order to motivate, delegate, and resolve conflicts."

Both in theory and in practice, motivated works are much happier during work than those being de-motivated. While Gerard's view (2004) on delegation was: "delegation underpins a style of management which allows your staff to use and develop their skills and knowledge to the full potential. Without delegation, you lose their full value." However, when conflicts raise, interpersonal skills play a major part in resolving the problem, Consultant Richard Bruce (2003) said: ."..by tomorrow you will have forgotten all about it. But the workers tell me they hurt for a long time..."

Technical skills:

The main difference between workers and managers

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