What is the War on Terror? Essay

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War On Terror

War on Terror this phrase came from George W Bush during the time of 9/11. This wasn't just for 9/11 this was a battle to stop all terrorist threats. terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political claims. there are more than one type of terrorist there are bioterrorism, eco terrorism, and many more terrorist use their tactic for different causes and reasons. Some use it as a act of war or to oppose a threat.

A major battle in the war against terror was the war in war in Afghanistan this war started because of a terrorist take on the world trade center on 9/11. Some members of the Taliban drove 2 planes into the world trade center. This was a eco terrorism attack. a type of eco terrorism
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A U.S. Attorney in Michigan says this was an act of domestic terrorism. In Seattle the street of dreams with million dollar houses were all burned down and was said to be a eco terrorist attack. Later SUV's, construction equipment and genetically engineered crops were attacked. These attacks over the past 2 decades have cause over 100 million dollars worth of damage in the U.S. The FBI believes eco terrorist started in 1977 a group called Earth First was the first to engage in civil disobedience by tree spiking and injuring loggers. Although Arson is a most commonly used because it causes a significant amount of damage normally without hurting people. The U.S. organization ALF in England, in the 1960s group known as the Hunt Saboteurs Association formed to protest fox hunts. In 1972 members started the Band of Mercy to increase more violent actions as firebombing. ALF migrated across the Atlantic in 1979, and in the last several years, has torched a McDonald's in Arizona, burned down a primate facility in New Mexico and raided a fur farm in Oregon, plus other activities(howstuffworks).

Bioterrorism is terrorism involving the intentional release of biological agents. For example in 1972 Chicago arrested 2 college students

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