What is the importance of symbolism in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka?

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What is the importance of symbolism in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka?
The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most. The story that tells us the truth about the human nature, the humans have lost their humanity. Franz Kafka uses many symbols in the novella Metamorphosis. Kafka chose the German word for vermin –Ungeziefer – which means an animal with a disgusting nature. The German word was also used in World War II, the Nazis used to describe the Jews by this name. Jews were treated with disrespect much like Gregor was treated in Metamorphosis. In the Metamorphosis Franz Kafka uses the vermin, food, and the father’s uniform as symbolism and he also uses the apple and his autobiography to portray symbolism and
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Also, Franz Kafka uses food as a symbol of how the family members feel toward Gregor, Grete was one of the members of the family who was closest to Gregor, in Part 2 of the novella, “she leaves milk and bread for him” (Kafka 21), showing kindness towards Gregor. She also tries several kinds of foods in order to know what Gregor likes after his transformation. Ultimately, the family got frustrated and they stop giving food to Gregor. He was a burden to the family. One night, the maid left the door open so Gregor could look around. He saw his mom giving food to the borders. Gregor feels bad because rather than feeding him, his mother is feeding the borders. He feels that he is treated unfairly and after all that he has done for his family, helping them in their difficult financial situation and working for a job he never liked. The family lost the sympathy and kindness that they had for Gregor.
Also, Gregor’s feelings shifted when he saw his father for the first time in weeks. His feelings shifted from disgrace to respect when he saw his father in the uniform. Gregor notices the “smart blue uniform with gold buttons” (Kafka 47). The uniform symbolizes the father’s dignity and also, the father looks to be “in fine shape” (Kafka 47), in Gregor’s eyes, his father’s

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