What is the Cost of Obesity? Essay

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Obesity will soon overtake smoking as the number one preventable cause of death (Cawely, 1). Because organic healthy food is so over-priced, Americans are forced to consume cheap unhealthy fast food. This is leading to most of the US population being obese, which could cause serious health risks. About 30% of Americans are now considered obese, and 61% considered overweight (Cawely, 3). If organic food was cheaper, many people say that they would eat it rather than the cheap fatty foods they consume. However it all comes down to money and convenience for us Americans, and we often put our health second instead. If organic health foods were cheaper, the obesity rate in America would go down dramatically. Us Americans don’t choose to …show more content…
Utilizing government data on pesticide toxicity, he found that theres a full 94% reduction in health risks if you eat organic rather than the conventional foods (Laliberte, 3). However, officials are noticing that simply telling people to behave differently may not be very effective. We obviously are not listening to all the health risks, or to society, who is telling us our bodies look wrong. If those two things are not making us change our decisions, what will? The answer is the much mentioned, money. Professor Drewnowski found that foods that are energy dense such as oil, margarine, and sugars are very cheap per calorie to buy, and that buying healthy foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats increased a food budget by 5,000 calories (Cawely, 3). These are enormous differences in costs, which often force consumers to choose between money and health. Unfortunately, obesity doesn’t affect only adults in America. About 13% percent of children and adolescents are also seriously overweight, 70% of whom are likely to become overweight adults (Cawely, 6). Fueling this increase is the average cost of food, which has fallen 15% between 1978 and 2000 (Gollust, 5). Supply and demand dictates that when goods get cheaper people tend to buy more of them. This appears to have happened with food. However, we can’t pinpoint the exact reason why children are suddenly so overweight, because childhood obesity is so vast and complex

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