What Are Ex-Offenders? Essay

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What are ex-offenders? Ex-offenders are people who are ready to start a new life, with criminal records but are willing to turn over a new leaf and society should treat them with sanctity and esteem. They are not only males, but also females with families, they have wishes, passions, pains, merriments just like us (“What defines an Ex-offender?”, n.d., para. 1). However, ex-offenders in Singapore are facing a tremendous problem - which is the lack of trust by Singapore society. This is due to the lack of integration and communication within the society. When they are released from jail, these ex-offenders face judgement from others. Having committed an offence, leads people into stereotyping that they will commit another offence. I am …show more content…
1) This proves that my past assumptions about ex-offenders are wrong because not only is he successful with his career now, he is also helping people with similar backgrounds.
Another assumption I have is that due to the lack of communication within the society when ex-offenders were serving their sentences, they will not be able to reach out to society an gain their acceptance. On the contrary, ex-offenders can be involved in community work. Community-based sentences are new form of sentences provided by the Criminal Procedure Code 2010. Community works are given to offenders as a form of sentencing. (“New sentencing options- community-based sentences”, n.d., para. 1) This substantiates that ex-offenders should not have difficulties in communicating with people residing in Singapore.
There are many reasons for people to commit crimes. In Singapore, one of the most common reasons for committing crimes is that they do not have enough money for self-sustenance or to support their families. When this happens, committing crimes such as shoplifting, resorting to robbery may be the most efficient way for them to get money. When ex-offenders are not accepted by the society, it is very difficult for them to start a new life as money is essential in every part of people’s lives. This may eventually lead them to commit crimes over and over again, forming a vicious cycle. Statistics done by Ministry of Home Affairs (2012) has shown that

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