Wall-E: Urbanism, Helath Care, Population, and Social Movements

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In the movie Wall-E by John Carter, a robot by the name of Wall-E has a life job of cleaning up the Earth that had been destroyed and polluted by the human race as it became overpopulated and contaminated by too much urbanization. When Wall-E meets a robot by the name of Eve, who’s mission is to find a source of life on Earth, he travels to the spaceship that holds the entire population of Earth in order to save Eve. While saving Eve, he discovers how the human race is unable to care for themselves, and need to be persistently cared for by on-board robots. Wall-E, utilizes various sociological concepts such as population, social movements, urbanization, and health care throughout the movie to display the impact that overpopulation …show more content…
In the movie, viewers witness Wall-E travel to space in order to try and save Eve from the spaceship taking her, as he arrives on the ship he witnesses that the people on the ship all ride in mobile chairs, and are constantly in touch with the community around them with technology, rather then physical, emotional interaction. With the people sitting in chairs and being emotionally withdrawn from society due to their persistent connection with society through technology represents the sociological theory of urbanism, or a way of life that, involves increased tolerance but also emotional withdrawal and specialized, impersonal self-interest action (Brym, Lie 371). Since, the people of Axiom have withdrawn from society and maintain fairly secluded even though they are around a large population most of the time, they remain part of the urbanistic culture because they have grown to become less impersonal with others in society such as when there were people around the people all sitting near each other, but no one was interacting face-to-face, rather, they would video chat with the person they were sitting next to, thus, impersonalising the conversation and the connection that is trying to be made between the two people. guevara 3 As people of the Axiom are viewed as immobile, they are inhibited physically due to

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