Essay about Unit 731 and The Horrific Japanese Experiments

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In 1937 some of the most horrific and unforgivable acts in all of mankind’s history were committed. During the Second Sino-Japanese War an ultra-secretive chemical and bio warfare research unit was established by the Imperial Japanese Army. This special unit worked in a facility that was passed off to the public as a water purification and epidemic prevention facility and was kept secret by some of the most powerful Japanese officials of the time. After World War II the unit was shut down and the members of the unit were released without punishment in exchange for the data of their experiments. Although some of the data provided by unit 731 was useful, the experiments that took place were extremely and unjustifiably cruel, and the …show more content…
The purpose of the vivisections was to study the effects of various diseases that the prisoners had been purposefully infected with and the toll that they had taken on the internal organs of the prisoner. Test subjects would also be hung upside down until they died to study the effects of being upside down. Other prisoners had limbs frozen and then thawed to study the effects of leaving the rotting body parts attached while others were lucky enough to just have their limbs amputated. The Surgeons of unit 731 also experimented with numerous deadly diseases including, plague, smallpox, cholera, and many others. The result of these horrible experiments was the defoliation bacilli bomb ( ). This bomb carried millions of disease carrying ticks that were housed in small ceramic shells that were supposed to break open and spread upon impact. Although this design worked in theory when it was tested all the fleas died upon impacting the ground. The scientists quickly shifted their strategy for distributing chemicals and biological agents, and began injecting deadly toxins and diseases into candies and other types of food. The infected food was then given to Chinese children and their slow agonizing deaths were recorded by the scientists using protective suits. After five years of brutal experimentation

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