Tyranny in Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay

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Tyranny in Shakespeare's Macbeth

All humanity is tyrannical. Every person wants the world to conform to their wishes. A product of the ego, this desire culminates in tyranny among those that have the arrogance, opportunity, and instability to embrace and foster it. We find Macbeth with the opportunity, and his arrogance and instability are bred by ego and contranatural forces, such that he becomes a tyrant. Duncan's soft handed rule allows Macbeth the opportunity to plot against him while his proclamation of Malcom as the heir to his throne provides motive, a wounded ego. Lady Macbeth and the witches, whether they be contranatural forces or perverted minds, prod him into action, exacerbating his tyrannical leanings, and
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The source of Macbeth's tyrannical uprising being threefold may have greater meaning still, seeing the significance of the number throughout the play, however here I will suffice to examine each third and leave such discussion to the more adventurous authors. The weird sisters foreshadow the deeds of Macbeth, coming before he and Banquo looking otherworldly. They play oracle for Macbeth, and to his ego which is geared toward tyranny and already out of sync with nature. We see that in Professor Tarcov's comment, and we also see it through Macbeth's actions. Even before he meets the witches, he has been thinking of betrayal. His "vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself"4 pushes him to perform the murder as he had promised, despite Duncan's presence "in double trust."5 He cannot break that promise which he had made to his wife. She will not let him back down. Lady Macbeth first summons forth the courage to do what must be done, asking that the "Spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex [her]...That no compunctious visitings of Nature Shake [her] fell purpose."6 She must step outside of the Natural limitations of her sex, and only then she uses that unnatural strength to strike a similar tone in her husband. When he begins to falter, she insists that she would have violently slain her own newborn babe if she had

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