Types of Supernova and Dying Stars Essay

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Supernova (Stellar Explosions) When people look up to the sky at night time, they will probably see bright sparkling stars. These stars might look peaceful and innocent from earth, but in reality they’re the opposite. Stars are one of the brightest and hottest objects that the human race has found. They are known to be one of the most destructive objects in the universe. Interestingly enough, they are at their most destructive stage when they are close to death. (Supernova-Stellar Explosion). When a star dies it is called a supernova. “Supernovas can be so bright that they can light up entire galaxies”(Thompson). “The last known visible supernova was October 6, 1604. It was discovered by a German astronomer by the name of Johannes …show more content…
When the star starts to run out of hydrogen, it begins creating iron from nuclear fusion. The iron starts adhering to the core of the star. The mass of iron puts too much pressure on the star causing it to implode on itself. When the star implodes, it sucks in all of its mass forming something similar to a black hole. Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects we know of. Scientist do know that black holes will destroy anything that comes close to its path. The more a black holes sucks in the bigger and more powerful it will get. If the core of the star is more massive than anything around it when it implodes, it’s possible it can turn into a black hole. This can all be stopped only by neutrons. The neutrons counter react with the electron and protons settling the star down. When a star goes through supernova it releases what scientist call a gamma ray burst. Gamma ray burst can be so powerful that if one were to hit earth from one light year away it would burn through the ozone layer. The ozone layer is an invisible “shield” for earth. It keeps earth from getting intense radiation from the sun. Intense radiation can cause a mass extinction to the human race, animals, and plants (Supernova -Stellar Explosion). Ridout 3 Sometimes a star can die out without losing all of its hydrogen. When this occurs it means the star has ran out of its nuclear fusion. This is called a “white dwarf.” White dwarfs are just a white

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