Tthe Relationship between Man and Nature in Emerson and Thoreau Part 6

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Ralph Waldo Emerson in his speech which he delivered at Cambridge in 1837 mostly talks about American Independence however, he also talks about America still is under the influence of Europe. In the very first line “Mr. President and gentlemen, I greet you on the recommencement of our literary year” (Emerson, R.W. 1907); here Emerson is talking about the hope for staying independent and the value of the independence. After America got their independence Emerson delivered the speech and offered a declaration of his own arguing Americans to stop being “parrots of other men’s thinking”. While saying this Emerson is showing that American though they got their independence but the way in which they think is still like the European who once …show more content…
Emerson tries to show a role model for the American writers in his speech when he talks about “Cicero, Locke and Bacon” (Emerson, R.W. 1907). How American they read those three’s writings and believed their views to be true. However, it is not always necessary to be true says Emerson because the people are forgetting that those three writers were young long ago when they wrote these books. Things were different during those three writers era but now things have changed. During Cicero, Locke and Bacon’s era American were not independent yet so their writing means a different thing back then but now after the independence it may not be same as before. So, the idea of the man thinking reflects the value of the Declaration of Independence, as it is about being oneself then mimicking others.

Emerson also discuses about coping others work which he thought was the worst of all. “The English dramatic poets have Shakespearized now for two hundred years” (Emerson, R.W. 1907). Emerson believed in not depending on others work but developing their own work. He did not understand the idea of bookworm. He thought the time is so precious to waste on others writing, it is better to make full use of the time and create their own work from their own afford. According to Emerson people who depends on the others book they are un-creative, cannot do on their own, accepting others view and it is like they do not know the importance and the value of the nature and God. Emerson

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