Transgenic Animals Help to Increase Food Production Essay example

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Other than plants, another application of LMO in agriculture is on the animals. Transgenic animals help to increase food production and quality in order to improve human lifestyle. As the growth population is increasing, so does the food demand, transgenic animals can produce more food to keep up with the growth in human population in the next 50 years and also the following years. Since the animals are able to grow faster, the food production will increase and the price of the meat will become cheaper. In the past few years, transgenic animals such as cattle, sheep, goat and pigs were made to increase food production and benefit human in various way. According to Margawati (2003), the main focuses of transgenic animal in agricultural …show more content…
However, the high level expression of GH in the transgenic pigs had caused several side effects such as pneumonia, gastritis and nephritis. In additional experiments, promoter elements which provided inducible GH production were used to reduce the side effects.
In another research, GH transgenic fish were produced by the introduction of salmon GH into the target fish species and the result showed that the growth performance of the catfish was dramatically increased by 30-40% (Wheeler, 2013). In 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that the transgenic salmon produced by AquaBounty is safe to eat, whereas in 2012, FDA had issued a draft environmental assessment (EA) and a preliminary finding of no significant impact (FONSI) related to the transgenic salmon for public comment. In both documents, FDA stated that the transgenic salmon will not jeopardize the existence of the Atlantic salmon populations or cause significant effect on the environment when produce under the conditions described (FDA, 2012). However, opponents in the US Congress argued that no sufficient studies and research were carried out to demonstrate this transgenic salmon will not cause any harm to the human health after consumption (Solar, 2013). In terms of quality, transgenic animal provides human with better quality of milk and also meat. According to Ebert and Schindler (1993) mammary gland is the major target for

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