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Total Quality Management

Total quality management has become a necessity in today's society amongst businesses and consumers. Organization and consumers believe that quality is very important, and it will make or break an organization. Ensuring quality in products helps eliminate liability that would come from defective products, and it increases the rate of the returning consumer. Companies are liable if there products were made poorly, and if they cause a disaster from the use of their products. According to Achieving Quality through Continuous Improvements, it defines total quality management as:
Total Quality Management is a holistic business management methodology that aligns the activities of all employees in an organization
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The company I will compare management styles with is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has adopted the TQM management style, and they place customers first.
Management Style Comparisons
The construction organization is a very professional organization. Most construction companies have an intense hiring process, and require the applicants to be of the highest standards. In our construction company, I believe that we utilize total quality principles. We are required to remain physically fit, and be able to respond to any project given to us. The policies and procedures set a standard for us to adhere to. The policies and procedures help guide us with procedures to most of the common projects that are given to us as well. We have many different types of building designs, where we rely on our training and experience to see us through the end of the project.
Wal-Mart is committed to excellence, and the management style they have condones it. They provide great service and products at affordable prices. They strive to satisfy the customer. According to Wal-Mart, The corporate culture of Wal-Mart is one of the biggest contributing factors that make it one of the world's most admired companies. When Sam Walton founded the company, he instilled in his people and his business a belief system that is still very much in place today. From the three basic beliefs to the sundown rule, Wal-Mart respects their customers, associates and suppliers, and Wal-Mart strives to treat them as

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