The Women in Dracula Essay

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The Women of Dracula

Throughout the book Dracula, the author, Bram Stoker, portrays many different aspects of women's roles in the 19th century. Since this novel was published many films have been created based on Stoker's story line. Nosferatu, a silent film, depicts the women of the story, other than Mina, as minimal characters. The movie Dracula, filmed in the 1930's, stays very true to the novel, with only minor changes to the characters and plot. All three of the works depict the same women differently, thus changing the complete literary artistic nature of each piece.

Mina is the main female character in the novel Dracula. She is the typical Victorian woman--caring, compassionate and completely devoted toward their loved
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The portrayal of her character is relatively similar to that of the novel. She loves Jonathan Harker and is very worried about him when he goes to Count Dracula's castle. She starts getting feelings that Jonathan is in trouble, and eagerly awaits his return. At the end of the film Mina reads that to save Jonathan's life, she must let Dracula drink her blood all night for him to die. She follows the instructions of her reading, and while she does kill Dracula, she too dies.

In the movie, Dracula, the portrayal of Mina is very similar to her character in the novel. However, in this movie, Renfield, a patient of Dr. Seward, is the one who visits Dracula's castle, not Jonathan. This takes away from Mina's character, because you do not get a sense for how much Mina really loves and longs for Jonathan. You know she loves him because they are engaged and she shows him through her words but you never get a true understanding of the depth of her love for Jonathan through her actions.

The second female character, Lucy, is the woman who is sought after by every man in town. She does not see what is wrong in being with more than one man, though she knows it is unacceptable. At the beginning of the novel, Lucy has three primary suitors, and must decide which one she will marry. "THREE proposals in one day! Isn't it awful!" (48). She chooses a man by the name of Arthur Holmwood, and they begin

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