The Wanpaoshan Incident Essay

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In July of 1931, tensions between Japanese-run Korea and China was building. These hostilities eventually resulted in a dispute over land in the Manchurian village of Wanpaoshan.
The simple issue over the use of land by farmers would be sensationalized by the Korean and Japanese media to incite anti-Chinese violence that lasted for weeks and left many Chinese citizens dead and even more businesses destroyed. Although the incident itself was relatively minor, it sparked a rash of violence and hatred across Korea.

Wanpaoshan is a small village in Manchuria and through it flows the Itung River. The area is particularly suitable for rice cultivation due the extremely wet climate. 140 Korean farmers had moved to Wanpaoshan with their
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It was reported that some were injured during the demonstration but, Chinese police prevented any major violence. At the same time, the local Chinese vendors began refusing to sell food and equipment to anyone associated with the irrigation project. It was clear that the Koreans could not continue building the dam. The Chinese farmers believed that the construction of the dam and canal would hinder land navigation. They also feared that the backing up of water would cause their lands to flood washing away crops and topsoil. The Koreans insisted that the banks of their canal would be made high enough to contain the water and prevent flooding. If that did not satisfy the farmers, the Koreans would also provide drainage systems to further protect rice fields. They also promised to provide the Chinese with facilities of transportation once the project was complete.
In June negotiations began between the Japanese consul and Chinese government officials to resolve the issue. The talks did little to sooth the building hostility in the area. On the 14th, the Japanese consul offered to pay the Chinese for any damages the irrigation project may cause and warned the Chinese about possible consequences for the Chinese treatment of the Koreans. Chinese General Chang Tse-hsiang accepted to the offer and vowed that harassment to the Koreans would stop. The situation moved to the back-burner in mid-June when heavy rains arrived in

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