Essay on The Voynich Manuscript

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Have you heard of the Voynich Manuscript? The Voynich manuscript is a secret code containing six sections and has a long history background. Also, surprisingly the manuscript has not been decoded. Many people have tried to decode it, and people have come up with many theories for its meaning. However, some other people have theories that the manuscript is a hoax. This ancient manuscript is a very fascinating and complexing thing. The Voynich Manuscript’s overall content include six section. The six sections are botanical drawings, astronomical and astrological drawings, biological drawings, cosmological medal, pharmaceutical drawings, and continuous pages of text. In the botanical section, there are 113 drawings of unidentified plant …show more content…
Some parts of it are not quite clear. The code, written by Roger Bacon, first belonged to English astrologer John Dee write. He also owned many other pieces of Bacon’s work. Later on, he sold the manuscript for 600 gold ducats to Emperor Rudolph II of Germany, or called the Holy Roman Emperor. The Emperor owned this manuscript from 1576-1612, which later in his life he gave it to Jacobus Horcicky de Tepenecz. Then, it somehow ended up in Georg Baresch’s hands. He gave this manuscript to Johannes Marcus Marci. In 1666, Marci presented book to Athanasius Kircher. The book ended up in hiding for three centuries, and in 1912 Wilfred M. Voynich purchased the manuscript from the Jesuit College at Frascati. Later, H. P. Kraus bought the manuscript from the Voynich family and gave it to the Beinecke Library in 1969. Now, the manuscript is stored away in the rare-book library at Yale University. (Voynich Manuscript, Yale University) (The Unread: The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript, Johnson) In addition, many people have came up with theories of the meaning to the Voynich Manuscript. One guy named William Romaine Newbold came up with a theory of its meaning in 1921. He examined the manuscript with a microscope and inferred that the meaning of the text must be hidden in the individual pen strokes taken to create each letter. He was determined that these individual pen strokes correlated to an ancient Greek form of shorthand. However, after Newbold translated the

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