Essay on The Venona Project

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. The Venona project was a military investigation decoding Soviet cables going in and out the United States. These cables revealed hundreds of citizens and immigrants all on American soil that passed very confidential information to Soviet intelligence. (Citation here) This alarming discovery of spies and the success of them gathering information showed the Soviet Union and communisms ability to influence and control. It was espionage that led to the trails of Julius and Ethal Rosenburg. The Rosenburg were American citizens indited, convicted, and executed for passing confidential information to Soviet officials, which aided them in the duplication of nuclear weapons specifically the atomic bomb. Had the Soviet Union not gained access …show more content…
(citation) Labor wars that occurred in the 1930’s, as a result to the struggle with labor issues among the entertainment industry professional specifically the screenwriters was the driving force for a trade union. The conditions included “higher wages, fewer hours, regularized hiring practices, standardized contracts, and effective arbitrations”. (citation) Tension between workers in Hollywood and management in Hollywood took root before the formation of unions, but unions fueled the internal conflicts between Hollywood studio executive and the professionals who worked for them. The Screenwriters Guild was founded in 1933, and was a political Left wing organization that fought against studio executives for screenwriters. John Howard Lawson who was one of the Hollywood Ten and former president of the SWG said, “The case of the Hollywood Ten goes back to the formation of the Screen Writers Guild”.
It is within all these events that combined to create the shockwave of fear and extreme anti-communism in America as they went to great lengths to protect the democratic way of life. In the years after World War ll where intense paranoia was on the rise, a dynamic struggle was imminent. These worldwide events resulted from the fundamental different forms of government and incompatible political clash between communism and democracy. Despite the Soviet Union being allies to the United States during world Wear ll, almost overnight they became enemy

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