Essay on The Unhinged Election of 2000

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Every four years, The United States holds an election in order to find the new president whom is to run the country. The elections are important to Americans because it can change the future for many generations. In 2000, the two candidates were: George W. Bush for the Republican Party and Al Gore, former vice president, for the Democratic Party. This Presidential Election was one of the most suspenseful and unclear presidential elections for more than a century. To make it even burrier than it already was, the media declared prematurely that Al Gore was the winner, then a few hours later that George Bush had won, and then retracted both statements before the election had even ended. ("The Stolen Presidential Elections.") The 2000 election …show more content…
On December 8th, in Palm Beach, FL about 10,000 ballots were manually recounted because of problems with the electronic voting machines and ballots that were not properly punched. This made it hard to tell who the voter had cast their vote for, invalidating the results. The press highlighted this particular recount because of the punch card ballot irregularities, leading to what they named a “Hanging Chad,” or paper not fully punched out of the ballot. Also dramatized was the fact that George W. Bush’s brother, Jeb, was the governor of Florida at the time, and the media started questioning the integrity of the recount. (Toobin, Jeffrey.)
Florida’s Supreme Court stepped in and allowed a commencement of the recounts in the counties and later the entirety of the state. These led to Bush leading by less than 200 votes. Being pushed to name its electors, the Florida Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that machines where a presidential choice was unable to be deciphered, called under votes, would be hand counted and then re-added back into the total. However, the United States Supreme court over-ruled Florida’s decision, raising the question of the constitutionality of counting only the under votes and the lack of standards to determine the intent of the voter. This case has come to be known as Bush v. Gore. The lack of standards let the different Florida counties vote using

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