The Three Revolutions Essay

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The Three Revolutions

The three revolutions the "Glorious Revolution" in England, the French
Revolution, and the American Revolution all had a profound effect on there country and the world. We talked about and discussed each one of these in class. All three of these revolution have lots in common but there all alot different form each other. All of these revolutions were started by people who wanted better or different things to be going on in their country, they all were trying to change things to make there country better to live in. Some of these revolutions helped or started the other revolutions, but there was only one great revolution and that was the "Glorious Revolution". The "Glorious
Revolution" had more
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During William's monarchy Parliament passed some acts that would establish the revolution. The most important of the acts were the Bill of
Rights and the Toleration Act, which were both passed in 1689, and the Act of Settlement was passed in 1701. The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to make it the kings responsibility to govern with the assistance of Parliament, even if James was still around, it would now be impossible for him to rule without Parliament. The Toleration Act allowed everyone to worship as they pleased, well except for Catholics, Jews, and Unitarians. The Act of
Settlements only said that it was required that all future monarchs to be members of the church of England. This is the most important revolution of them all because it was the first one and it started all of the rest, probably without this revolution, the other ones would not of started. The American Revolution was first started by the thirteen colonies revolting against their British rulers in 1775. The colonists revolted against their rulers because they were interfering with the way that they were running there country, America. Britain wanted to run America like another one of its cities, it wanted absolute control over it, but on the other hand America wanted to run its self as a independent country. This the major reason for the America Revolution and that Britain would outrageously tax people

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