The Three Deaths in Hinton's The Outsiders Essay

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During the course of the novel “The Outsiders” there are three linked deaths that change the relationships between the Curtis brothers in many different ways. The soc, Bob Sheldon, dies first. When Ponyboy and Johnny flee after Darry hit Ponyboy they run into their rivals Bob and his best friend Randy Adderson. Bob takes Ponyboy and starts drowning him until Johnny gets his switchblade out and kills Bob. After this, Johnny dies. Dally (a greaser with a criminal record) sends Ponyboy and Johnny to an abandoned church so they can hide after what they did. When they go to leave after a few days, the church catches on fire with a few elementary school kids trapped inside, so they go into the church to save them. When Johnny gets the last kid …show more content…
Ponyboy then runs out of the house with a rage knowing that Darry does not want him there anymore. He later finds Johnny and asks him to run away with him and Johnny agrees without hesitation. They go to the park to think out their plan when they run into a group of the socials. They want to get them back for stealing their girlfriends. One of the socials, Bob, grabs Ponyboy and forces his face into a fountain of water, drowning him. Johnny quickly grabs his switchblade and kills Bob, which makes the socials flee. Ponyboy regains his conscience and sees Bob dead on the ground; he could only think one thing, that Johnny killed him. They decide to go to Dally thinking that he would know what to do. He gives Ponyboy a change of clothes, 50 dollars, and tells them both to hop on the train to Windrixville. They will be able to stay in an old abandoned church for a bit to hide for cover. Later on, this will lead to another death in the novel.

The next person to die in this novel is Johnny. When the boys arrive at the Windrixville church, they fall asleep immediately. When they wake up, they cut and bleached their hair to disguise themselves. To stay occupied, Ponyboy reads the book “Gone With The Wind” to Johnny. Five days later Dally comes to pick the boys up with all the news back in their

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