The Theme of Social Progress in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

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The Theme of Social Progress in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The time machine was written by H.G.Wells in 1895 and is set on new years eve, 1899 at the end of the century; the time set is significant because it is at the set of a century, and the beginning of a new time period. Other writers at the time included George Stevenson and Stoker, who wrote 'Jekyll and Hyde' and 'Dracula' respectively. Stories about science and time travelling were very popular at the time.

Herbert George Wells was born in 1866 in Bromly, a small town near London. He attended college and graduated with a degree in biology. His lower-middle-class background and his knowledge of science influenced his writings. He
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Darwin's theory of evolution obviously had an impact on him, and Einstein's was working on his theory of relativity at the time which also interested and influenced wells.

The story of the time machine is structured around a nameless man living in 1899, who invents his own time machine and travels to the year 802, 701. He first thinks that it is a utopia, a place in perfect paradise, but then realises that are in fact a Dystopia, an imaginary place where everything is as bad as it could possibly be, or a vision or description of this place. Wells' two main visions in the story are the idea of evolution being reversed and also the human separates into two species, the Eloi which loses all its knowledge and feelings and becomes frail and useless, and the Morlocks, which control the Eloi and are a lot stronger than them. The Eloi live in a paradise world eating only fruit as the time traveler discovers that all animal species have died out. The Morlocks live underground without any light, a lot like wells did when he was a child; perhaps this is where he got the idea.

The name Eloi, must come from the word elite, the Eloi live in a utopia world, doing no work, and all of their food is ready picked for them. The Eloi represent the more human like of the to beings that are split from man's lineage 800,000 years into the future, the upper class of 1899.

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