Essay about The Success of the Nazi Party

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The Success of the Nazi Party

The Nazi Party's leadership encompassed many aspects. Not least of those was the use of fear and terror. Helping control the populace and ensuring they remained subdued was a key factor in Nazi success. However other factors were involved such as Hitler's economic policies and foreign policy. Hence, how important was the use of fear and terror to the Nazi Party's survival.

Fear and terror in Nazi Germany was a wide ranging policy. Many different forces were required to maintain order amongst the often dissenting masses. The SA [Stormabteilung] were the first of such groups. Formed early in Hitler's political campaign, the SA were used before he came to power to
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Most notorious among all SA members, one unit stands out. The Death's Head squadrons, responsible for the management of the Nazi death camps at Dachau, Auschwitz and elsewhere. Himmler was also responsible for the Gestapo, the German secret police. Initially meant as a supplement to the Bavarian police force they were merged with the national police. Unlike the SA or SS before them, the Gestapo had a certain subtlety. If they had reason to suspect a member of the public, they would be tailed for a number of days or weeks until enough evidence was gathered against them to warrant an interrogation which for the majority of the time led to an equally unfair trial for the defendant.

Fear and terror was not of course, the only reason for Nazi success. When Hitler came to power in January 1933 he set to work creating a "1000-year Reich". Political intrigue had set the foundations for this regime but Hitler was determined to set his position in the firm groundings of Weimar's own laws. March 1933 saw the last - supposedly - democratic elections under Nazi rule. After an unfortunate fire at the Reichstag which Hitler conveniently blamed on a Dutch communist, van der Lubbe, Hitler and the NSDAP secured 44% of the vote - notably still not a majority. Hitler's first

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