The Statue of Westminster and the Historical Importance Behind it

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The 1931 Statute of Westminster can be seen as the logical end of the years of negotiations on change between Britain and her Dominions, which include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Newfoundland. The origins of the Statue date back to the Imperial Conference in 1926 where Lord Balfour, Britain’s Foreign Minster, suggested that all Dominions should be given the right to full autonomy in their legislations. This would result in equality amongst Britain and its Dominions It made several key provisions; British parliament could no longer nullify laws in the Dominions, the Dominions were able to make their own extra-territorial laws, and British law no longer had to be applied in the Dominions. The Statue of Westminster …show more content…
Subsequently, during World War II in 1939, Canada did not automatically choose to go to war with Britain, instead they joined the war six days later as an independent nation.
By the middle of the Depression, Canadian governments had little money to make ends meet, nevertheless, they continued to persevere and make do with what little they had. Over time, with the increasing prosperity and plunging unemployment rate of World War II, the measures that the Canadian government sought became possible. The federal government began negotiating the responsibility of administering unemployment and pension plans for most of the country, aiding in pushing money back into the economy were it was most needed.
Ottawa's Political and Financial Clout The Statue of Westminster also has specific political and financial influences on the country, specifically throughout the province of Ontario. Compared to other provinces, Ottawa had other ways to influence the balance between itself and the other provinces. One of the first instances of this was showcased during World War II, which required a resolute centralized effort in order to realign the power of balance throughout the country in terms of financial stability. The fact that the government managed the war and its aftermath arguably well only increased Ontario’s reputation as a strong and powerful province. Another

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