The Spanish Language Essay

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The Spanish Language

I grew up in a Hispanic country where Spanish is the official language. I think Spanish is one of the most wonderful languages in the world. It allows you to express your deepest feelings in the most beautiful way, specially when we talk about love. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing a love declaration when the one making it is using the Spanish language. Even if you are not one of those people for who talking beautifully is natural, you could still do a pretty good job if you just put a little bit of effort on into it. Spanish is a language where you can use a lot of different words to express the same thing. For example, if you want to say "beautiful" you can use: "hermoso, precioso,
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Usually even though we can differentiate them, we do not treat them bad or anything like that, but we can not speak to then the way we usually do because they would not understand like if we call them "manito" or "asere, " they are going to say: "What?." So we usually try to speak in a common language, that we can both understand. Of course, there are always rude people in all communities. People who would not talk to other communities or if they do it, they do it using words from inside their communities, and then they get insulted and call the other people names because the do not understand. Hence, we always try to ignore them.

Something similar happens in the United States. I noticed this two years ago when I moved here with my family. We can define and recognize people from other countries, but still we try to communicate in the best possible way and to learn the meaning of special words when we are talking to them. Inside the United States, we have lots of different communities, such as American, Black, Hispanic, and others. The interesting thing about this is that inside them we have lots of sub-communities which have their own dialects. For example, in American there are differences in speech in the different states, and even inside one state. A specific example is that people from an African American community in Florida say: "The squirrel is fix to climb the

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