Essay on The Space Shuttle Challenger Tragedy

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On January 28, 1968 the space shuttle Challenger was deployed from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. One minute and thirteen seconds after liftoff the spaceship ignited in mid air and all seven crew members were killed. The cause of the destruction of the challenger was a certain part of rubber that relieves pressure on the side of the actual rocket booster called an O-ring. When a space shuttle as used as the Challenger is about to be used for another mission there should be an even more careful with checking everything before liftoff. The Challenger could have been avoided and there was way too much evidence that shows NASA had some kind of knowledge about the consequences.
NASA postponed the launch five times since it was planned to
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That’s when NASA came up with the Space shuttle. A light weight, reusable vehicle that would save lots of money and time for the company.
Bad Weather played a huge role in the Challengers mission and liftoff success. The forecast for the day of the launch was 31 °F (−1 °C), this was the absolute minimum temperature allowed for safety. Morton Thiokol was the contracting company who was responsible for the making of the ships SRB’s (Solid Rocket Boosters) because of the weather they showed concern for their products. Many engineers showed their concerns for the weather and truly did not believe that it was safe to take off. Roger Boisjoly was one of those engineers, he expressed the most concerns about the ship but more specifically about the rubber O-rings. He believed that the temperature of the weather first hardened the rubber and when it got hot again the outcome was it busting from all the pressure.
The Challenger had been on nine missions before its final one. This could have played a significant role in the problems it had after launching. Since it was built on February 10, 1978 the shuttle was older and more used up than any shuttle before. The fact that it had 9nine missions before its last one effected it because it was not new and the parts were already put under pressure. Not being said that they did not fix it just that it had some of the parts from when it was first used, used as parts for the flight

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