The Significance of the Ending of Enduring Love Essay

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The Significance of the Ending of Enduring Love

The endings of Enduring Love hold important significance to the whole novel. The 'endings' refer not only to the final chapter, Chapter 24 but also to the appendices I and II.

After reading the last chapter readers are bound to be left with the feeling of unfulfilment. The appendices, particularly the case study in Appendix I, provides a lot of resolution that is not given in that final chapter or any other chapter in the novel. The Appendix I is a case study reprinted from The British Review of Psychiatry, by Dr Robert Wenn and Dr Antonio Camia. It is a case study Oliver Burkeman (The Guardian reporter) proclaims to 'detail the terrifying real-life
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McEwan has infact said that this novel was intended to be 'a triumph of logic' and he has definitely used this false case study to do that. The logical belief is that this case study is real but just because McEwan has wrapped his narrative in a logical shell of science doesn't necessarily mean it is true.

The significance of this ending for the majority of readers, who would not have done extra research and discovered the truth about appendix I, is that it makes the narrative more disturbing and horrific as (, described by Burkeman), 'the division between the real and invented world would have become seamless'. It would definitely be shocking for the reader to discover that the manic endurance suffered by one man against a distorted mind in a delusion system had infact occurred in the very world and system they exist in.

In contrast to this, through the belief that the appendix is true, the credibility of McEwan as an author is lowered. His novel suddenly appears to be less authentic and original. But it is a reaction that McEwan will have probably contemplated and will no doubt have to endure so that his narrative will have the effect that he desires on the reader.

As I have said before chapter 24 provides little resolution but it does hold a lot of significance. On the prospect of the novel the narrative enigma of Jean Logan's situation

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