The Self Essay

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The Self

1. What is the self, what does it mean to be a self?
2. Is there a difference between being yourself authentically versus inauthentically? If so, what is the difference?

Abraham Lincoln once said that, if he had six hours to cut down a tree, he would spend the first five hours sharpening his axe. Likewise, any investigation into the ‘self’ requires, first and foremost, a thorough and clear preparation due to the difficult nature of an investigation into a matter or idea that has somewhat remained clouded in vague conceptions. In order, then, to arrive at a acceptable definition of the self, I will employ three key observations that should give me ample preparation for the main part of my investigation.
Since any
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This does not mean, that the ‘self’ is in fact different for each human being. What it does mean, however, is that it is undoubtedly perceived differently by many individuals. It is now my task to further investigate why a person’s notion of the ‘self’ can be different from that of others, so that I may hope to arrive at a promising definition of the ‘self’.
In light of the last observation, I would like to emphasize the possibility of a profound difference in what each person perceives to be the ‘self’ and the true nature of the ‘self’, since, as we have seen and understood in the last observation, perception of the ‘self’ may differ among people. When we recognize this, it becomes a possibility, then, that the ‘self’ perceived by the majority of human beings, might not resonate with the true nature of the ‘self’ at all. This further complicates an investigation, and it is critical to make this distinction at all times throughout this exploration if we want to arrive at an understanding of the true nature of the ‘self’. Holding this observation in mind, and combining it with the third key observation, we may assume that the perceived identity of the ‘self’ may exist simultaneously with the true nature of the ‘self’.
This point gives ultimately rise to another point of view. We have postulated in the first key observation, that the ‘self’ is a finite entity. What if, however, the true nature of the ‘self’ has no limitations

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