The Seeds of American Independence Essay

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Historically, the importance and success of colonization was greatly reliant on the degree and speed at which the colonies became independent. The policy of salutary neglect that was in effect during the period between 1690 and 1763, used as a strategy to enhance colonization, was a potential example of how when left to their own devices, American colonies could positively contribute to the mother country’s welfare. Britain’s use of this “hands off” policy demonstrated their hope that Britain could maintain control of their American colonies while tending to their needs as a greater country. For the period leading up to the 1750s, though Britain’s policy of salutary neglect was enabling the American colonies to become self-sufficient …show more content…
These rights included the right to levy taxes, approve appointments, make appropriations, and pass laws for their respective colonies. The colonial assemblies were also subject to veto by either the governor or the Privy Council, but they avoided both. The British had influence over the governor through their control of the colonial budget. Additionally, while dealing with the Privy Council, the British were able to alter the vetoed laws to enable the laws to be enacted. In all of these ways and others, the colonial assemblies were modeling themselves after that of Britain, and were even considering themselves “little parliaments”, since they were each as supreme within their colony as Parliament was in England.
During the period of salutary neglect, commerce empowered the American colonies to make more of their own decisions, rather than having Britain control their actions. This particular change was especially seen within the area of trade. The level of independence that the colonies were able to obtain in trade was a result of Robert Walpole’s beliefs. Walpole was one of Britain’s first modern prime ministers, and during the period of salutary neglect he did not strictly enforce the Navigation Acts. These laws, when in effect, did not permit Britain’s American colonies to trade with anyone other than Britain. Within this requirement, the colonies were obligated

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