The Process of Surrogacy and Its Different Types Essay

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Surrogacy is an international practice. The use of other women to carry people’s babies is a common and legal practice in many countries. To fully understand why this is a moral issue, you need to understand what it is. A surrogate is a woman who is carrying a baby for another person. Surrogacy is used for many reasons by different couples. The crowd drawn to surrogacy is couples who are infertile and cannot have kids. Such couples include: couples who are too old, couples who are in a homosexual relationship and people who just want a baby by themselves and can’t have one. This is a way for many people to avoid the complicated adoption laws. Though, there are some strong laws in the United States of America that support or oppose …show more content…
Surrogacy is a very risky process. Every pregnancy has its difficulties and risks. Surrogacy adds more risk to the situation. The babies can have problems in the womb. There is also the addition of the risk factor of multiples. When implanting the fertilized eggs in the surrogate most couples will put multiple eggs to improve the chances of one of them attaching. This method has a higher chance of multiples. Many surrogacy pregnancies end in twins or triplets. When a woman is pregnant with multiples there is a greater risk of a stillborn, preeclampsia, and premature babies. The United States leaves the legality of surrogacy up to each state. There are some states that straight out ban all forms of surrogacy. There are a few states like California that are open for all forms of surrogacy. There is another group of states like Washington and Oregon that only allow altruistic surrogacy. Some states are grey in the legality of surrogacy in that state. If you are curious I would suggest searching their legislative documents in search of any laws passed. I would also do a search into the states and previous legal rulings on surrogacy in the state. Many countries have laws on surrogacy. Similar to the Unites States, the whole world has a range of what is legal in surrogacy and what is not. We have countries like Russia, India, Ukraine, and Cyprus where both altruistic and commercial surrogacy are allowed.

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