The Poor Standard of Education in Nigerian Public Schools Essay

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Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of mineral resources in abundance. In addition, it is one of the richest nations in the world. Notwithstanding, a visit to a handful of some public schools in both rural and urban areas surely leaves many questions in your mind. One would ponder: are these really schools or abandoned historical ruins? The level of infrastructural dilapidation is so appalling, the quality of learning is pitiable, and of course, the standard of education offered is disgraceful. In the end, it is the poor and average Nigerians, who not being able to afford exorbitant fees of private schools, are left with the inevitable option of painfully allowing their children to attend these fallen public schools. However, poor …show more content…
In such cases, instead of paying the teachers their full salary, they would end up getting three-quarter of their right. In Nigeria, teachers have the lowest standard of living among all the working force. Lack of motivation and poor treatment has been an important factor that wards off good and qualitative teachers from public schools. The society believes that a teacher is a person that does not have any value in a community. In addition, teachers are not accorded any respect and are treated badly in Nigeria. Then why should a graduate have the zeal of teaching in such schools? In fact, most degree holders of nowadays would rather work in a car garage, for example, than to apply for teaching in Nigerian public schools. As a result, only unqualified teachers, sometime secondary certificate holders, teach in the schools. The condition of structures in public schools is very poor. Many class-rooms lack sufficient furniture for their students to sit or write. The window and door frames are completely naked thus students become exposed to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, holes in roofs are of various shapes and sizes, there are no writing materials such as blackboard, and the laboratories have only become a mere shadow of themselves. In addition, toilets have become death traps as they conveniently house different pathogens for various classes of diseases. I really wonder the quality of education that could

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