The Perils of Alcoholism Essay

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I chose to do a research paper on Alcoholism due to the overwhelming effects and dependency that so many people suffer through this addiction or disease. It is alarming to find out that so many Americans have become so dependent upon alcohol. Not only are adults addicts of this horrible disease but many young children and teenagers are struggling with this type of addiction. It may start of as a way of coping or perhaps from peer pressure. There are many varying factors that have come into play when you begin to examine as to why so many adults, young adults, and adolescents begin drinking. Coping may be their excuse when life gets stressful they lean towards numbing the pain by using this known Central
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The effects of alcohol have many different factors that include how quickly one consumes it to how fast it enters the blood stream. Some factors included are age, sex, tolerance, if you have eaten prior to drinking, and if taking other medications while consuming it. If a person is consuming alcohol then the allotted amount for what is considered to be one drink would be equal to= 1 beer (4% alcohol) or one shot (1 oz. of whiskey). The legal amount that is allowed to be consumed before driving is the blood alcohol level of .08 percent or lower. The difficult part of alcoholism is people who over consume this beverage their tolerance threshold begins to get higher. Therefore, they are able to consume larger amounts of alcohol than others who do not drink or binge drink. The effects of this type of addiction can lead to cirrhosis of the liver to fatality from accidents. The variety of problem this addiction is connected to not just limit to what I mentioned previously. The effects are serious and life-threatening and people who have this addiction need help to be able to recover and live a life of sobriety. The short-term effects of alcohol plays a part as an inhibitory or a way of reflecting a depressing certain centers of the brain. Many people who are alcoholics experience hangovers daily or when they binge drink. The body’s response to this condition is to feel fatigue or nauseous that maybe combined with an upset stomach and

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