Essay on The Obese Children of Today

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The Obese Children of Today

What I know about obese children is that they are very unhealthy and that their chances of living a long productive life is practically obsolete. Ihave imagined many stereotypical things about these obese children. For instance, I believed that the obese child got to be how they are from their own good will. I also assumed that the obese child was a lazy individual with no sense of direction, simply an individual with no discipline and with low self-esteem. I thought of them as being eating machines with no self-control. In essences I felt that these obese children have given up in living a normal life (normal being what we as a society consider to be our mainstream). I was completely blinded that the blame
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What I did was to add more terms within the subject of my choice. For example, I started with obese children as my starting point and then I added teenagers to the search, which brought the number of sites to a lesser amount. As I continued searching within my subject, I added physical fitness and children to the search and that was a tremendous amount of help. Because in doing so it reduced my sites to a very reasonable amount of sites to look into without getting tired and frustrated.

Once my exhausting research was completed, I was able to start with my subject of choice on obese children. Within my research, I found myself opening my eyes and having some kind of realization that I was almost completely erroneous of many of the stereotypical ideas that plague the obese child in the past. For instance, obese children are not individuals with uncontrollable eating habits that have made them too lazy to make any effort in reducing weight. In fact, what is happening to the child has many other factors that compound the problem of being overweight. For instance, lack of physical activity plays one the biggest roles in becoming overweight.

Our Children of today are being bombarded with an enormous amount of unhealthy foods. The bombardment comes from many places, which makes it virtually impossible for the parent to have some kind

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