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Orwell's economic views and opinions introduced are rarely in his literary works, he wrote many volumes of his political commentary, which is expressed in a totalitarian world. In "1984", his expressions on totalitarianism and controlled societies are very pessimistic and negative (Roback 127). Orwell's thoughts on technology were indifferent, he did not support it or go against it, all that mattered when technology came into the picture was who controlled it, (Roback 127). Orwell's views sync with the character in the book; Orwell's views and Smith's are the same and have the same standpoints on totalitarianism. Orwell’s "1984" creates a grim picture of humanity's existence within an extremely controlling totalitarian government. …show more content…
History was pure fantasy and all individuals within the party's control accepted it and did not question it, Orwell (134). "The past was erased, the erasure forgotten, the lie became truth.” The Party possesses absolute truth and history that can not differ from the truth that is now; records have to agree with the propaganda of the present. If the records contradict anything then they erase the past, lie about it, make that lie beneficial to them, therefore, making the past impossible to prove. (Orwell 372). "1984" rarely explains the meaning of truth and what it is, it explains that water is wet, and stone is hard, but the novel goes deeper into the meaning of truth in the eyes of the individual and the Party. Early in "1984" the common action of "Doublethink," which is holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind and accepting them both, is introduced. (Dwan 387). Winston states that the views the Party introduce to their society are senseless; truth is only something that can be justified, and the Party makes no justification or evidence of what they did or what they do is true. Winston knows that the Party did not create aeroplanes but there is no evidence that they didn't, with enough power society can be controlled and they can not say anything that could disapprove or they would be subject to "thought-crime" (Dwan 388)
The party's ever growing greed for power and control makes living conditions and privacy impossible to bypass. “The

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